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POSTDATA - Inside Out

The is something addictively uplifting about Inside Out, the new solo single from Wintersleep frontman Paul Murphy. It’s the third single from his upcoming, third… 77 kata lagi


HighSchool - De Facto

Many bands imitate sounds and styles from past music eras. Recently their has been an 80’s revival in main-stream pop music and bands such as… 78 kata lagi


Hands Down - Too Late

Swedish sound producer and technician Filip Sjögren has taken some time off from the day job to make some music of his own, first taster… 57 kata lagi


BrunuhVille - "Celtic Love Song".

Hi guys! :)

Today I’m just sharing a bit of a random song with you that I came across some months ago when looking for more music featuring harp that I could add to my Bibiel’s Playlist For Sleep on Spotify, and this was one of the songs that ended up catching my attention. 37 kata lagi


The jewels of her

Photo by Jonny Lew from Pexels

Her hands tired

A reflection of

Scorched body


Ring-adorned fingers

Minerals, crystals

The jewels of her

Her aesthetic… 121 kata lagi