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Getting Caught

It’s the little things, I tell you.
I miss staring at my keyboard lacing my breathe around my fingers thinking of what to write.
Thinking of what to think. 225 kata lagi


Himbauan Untuk Para Muslimah Dari Seorang Muslimah

Saya mengimbau kepada saudari-saudari saya para muslimah agar lebih banyak membaca kisah-kisah para Nabi dan sahabat serta para salafus sholih.

Muslimah, biasanya cenderung mudah kagum dan baper terhadap figur-figur tertentu yang ia temui khususnya di sosial media. 292 kata lagi


They Called That Nifāq

It was said to Abdullah ibn Umar رضي الله عنهما:

“Indeed, we visit our rulers and we say what we say, then when we leave we say something different.” 65 kata lagi

Wise Words

One Is Not Like The Other

Abdullah ibn al-Mubārak رحمه الله stated in his book ‘Az-Zuhd’ as he heard from al-Awzā’i who reported from the tābi’ee Hasān ibn Attiyyah ad-Dimashqi, who said: 93 kata lagi

Wise Words

Abū ʿUthmān al-Nahdī (c. 100)

Senior Successor, Imām, proof, the scholar of his time, ʿAbd al-Raḥmān b. Mull or Mill but it is also said to be Ibn Malī, lived through al-Jāhiliyyah and al-Islām and so is mukhaḍram, he accepted Islām during the Prophet’s ﷺ life but did not have the opportunity to meet him, lived long (130 years or so), went on military expeditions during the Caliphate of ʿUmar and many other expeditions after ʿUmar’s passing. 156 kata lagi

If Eid happens to fall on a Friday..

If ‘Eid happens to fall on a Friday…is Jumu’ah prayer still obligated?

Shaikh ul-Islām ibn Taymiyyah briefly explained the different opinions…

If ‘Eid happens to fall on a Friday…is Jumu’ah prayer still obligated?

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Be A Race Horse In This Final Days of Ramadan

Ibn al-Jawzi said: “When the race horse knows that it is nearing the end of the track it exerts all of its effort to win the race. 40 kata lagi