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Random Ramblings

Sometimes i feel so overwhelming inspired to start writing, and then my train of thoughts sort of spiral into a rabbit hole.

So, I decided to jot them all down here to keep my long winded post off Facebook and maybe by chance someone who needs my words will find them when they need them. 26 kata lagi

Aspiring Writer

Unique Cakes

In a search for some unique cakes for my friend’s birthday, these responses came from the 2 cake shops I enquired with.

Still undecided, I may not eventually go through with the idea of ordering a 3D customized cake. 144 kata lagi


Clock's A-Ticking

It is Thursday 22nd July 2021.

Lying on the couch in my living room, I am woken from my nap by the smell of smoke in my nostrils. 243 kata lagi


Darker days...

Life is weird. Humans are weirder. Even in the darkest of days, we hold on to hope. But when the darkness sweeps away the ones who are close, that’s when we truly begin to gasp reality. 111 kata lagi


7/25/2021 My musings on heaven, not authentic so don't hold me to them

I will start with my understanding of communication. I was lucky in that I had a mother as a child. Many don’t , are orphans or are unloved. 1.119 kata lagi


Yeah… The Swooshing Noises Would Get Old Pretty Fast… WAIT! Noise Cancelling Laser Armor!

The Jedi Order’s been around

For many thousands of years

And made a lot of laser swords

They didn’t give their peers.

These laser swords cut anything… 88 kata lagi


Crap, Diapers Are EXPENSIVE!

Okay, so I’ve started to slack on the posts a bit (again).


I do have a good excuse this time, however. I’ve been spending as much of my time as I can planning and preparing for a new venture that I’ve hinted at in previous posts. 691 kata lagi

Real World