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POSTDATA - Inside Out

The is something addictively uplifting about Inside Out, the new solo single from Wintersleep frontman Paul Murphy. It’s the third single from his upcoming, third… 77 kata lagi


Hands Down - Too Late

Swedish sound producer and technician Filip Sjögren has taken some time off from the day job to make some music of his own, first taster… 57 kata lagi


Personal Playlist - 2 On

I love Tinashe. I love TOKiMONSTA. Both sounds involved in the same song? Yes please!


Claud - Super Monster

For their first album, Claud walks a fine line between longing and belonging.

Super Monster was released in February, and everything about it yearns for summer. 358 kata lagi

Album Review

With 'Gold Mother' James hired new members and found a new groove

philip @thespangle

The version of ‘Gold Mother’ that you can listen to on your streaming app is the version that’s been around since the spring of 1991, reissued on the back of the success of their anthem ‘sit down’ (which itself was re recorded and re released, sounding very much different from its initial released version almost two years earlier). 232 kata lagi


Neil Young - Landing On Water (1986)

“I fought to gain control / and make corrections…”

As the boys at The Best Show resume their ongoing side podcast So Far, wherein they painstakingly and often painfully survey the entirety of the Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young universe (mind you, this means Graham Nash solo… 945 kata lagi