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The Transcontinental Aqueduct, Leg 2: Aquilla lake to Brad reservoir (to be built), a distance of 100 miles.

The first stage of the aqueduct was from the Mississippi river diversion to Lake Aquilla:

The elevation at this lake is 548 feet. From here the aqueduct goes NW to 25 miles East of Breckenridge. 176 kata lagi


The Transcontinental Aqueduct; Cost estimates.

To begin cost estimates, the model used is the cost for the Arizona central project. The waterway was constructed 1974 to 1993 at a cost of 4.7 billion dollars. 513 kata lagi


Thorium Reactors - What's All The Fuss?

Nuclear fusion is many decades away, and current nuclear technology carries severe drawbacks such as waste, meltdowns, proliferation, and cost. Is there anything that can be done to address these issues now? 1.211 kata lagi

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