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To See The World

Hey carefree surfer

Hey wildlife explorer

the cascades of dust that remind the air of stagnation,

and the rusty clock that tells tales of monotony, 67 kata lagi

Here's to Another Meandering Year!

Another year has gone by and I want to thank all of you crazy, wonderful people for sharing my journey with me. I’ve been looking over some of my old posts and it’s very surreal. 295 kata lagi


One of the definitions of the word business other than transaction that most convey the perspective of this write up which by the grace of God is Inspired from… 825 kata lagi


Time to start shedding the 'Lockdown' lbs

It seems that ‘Lockdown’ has shown us many things we would never have believed would happen, different ways of working, or not working, being at home more and with the same people 24/7 some have loved it- some have not. 235 kata lagi


Working Out How to Live For Myself - Part Two

It is almost serendipitous that what finally gives me the words to finish Part Two is another period of heartbreak triggered by man I didn’t even love. 1.469 kata lagi



Its a matter of swings and roundabouts

It doesn’t matter how you get there

As long as you arrive there in the end

Nobody really cares… 31 kata lagi