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Misfit believer

How can I speak when I’m speechless?
I’ve been plodding along with a spiritual meakness
The enemy tried to make me someone else
Making me weak, feeling tired and sleepless… 216 kata lagi


Strengthen and Encourage the Brethren 06/20/21

This week’s scripture is from Matthew:

“…when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father…” (Matthew 6:6)

Those who believe, who belong to the Lord, know it is important to stay close to Him, to love and worship Him. 141 kata lagi


One of the definitions of the word business other than transaction that most convey the perspective of this write up which by the grace of God is Inspired from… 825 kata lagi


DayBreaks for 6/21/21 - The God of Huge Dimensions

NOTE: Galen is out of the office until 6/28 so we’re featuring DayBreaks from the past.

As humans we like to measure things.  We measure baseball statistics, we measure distances in miles and kilometers, we have scales in our bathrooms to measure our weight, we give or get grades in school to measure our learning and progress.  602 kata lagi

Christian Illlustrations

But, That's not Fair!

By G. P. Avants

“Do you see your brother?”


“What’s your issue with him?”

“Well, it’s not fair that he’s having so much of your attention.” 244 kata lagi