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Christianity and Parochialism

The Cambridge Dictionary defines parochialism as: “the quality of showing interest only in a narrow range of matters, especially those that directly affect yourself, your town, or your country.” The term originates from the idea of… 471 kata lagi


Currently Reading: A Memoir of the Life and Times of the Rev. Isaac Backus by Alvah Hovey

This week we continue reading ‘A Memoir of the Life and Times of the Rev. Isaac Backus,’ by Alvah Hovey. I will be using the PDF version that can be obtained via the link below. 104 kata lagi

Chapter 5

Dating - One Week Check In

So it’s been just over a week? How’s things going? Frustrating. Shall we go over the list of things that annoy me and make me not want to engage? 872 kata lagi


How to Travel to Nanyuki from Nairobi (Public Service)

Nanyuki town is located in Laikipia County, Kenya. It is a three hours journey from Kenya’s capital, Nairobi.

Public Means

The public transport services from Nairobi to Nanyuki are available at Accra Road (Tea Room stage) inside Central Business District (CBD). 146 kata lagi


Maybe This Is How PBMs Started Getting Kickbacks?

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

In case you haven’t been following all the riveting posts I’ve been writing lately about pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), here are the main ones: 949 kata lagi


Towards building a whole-school approach to EAL

I enjoyed Adri’s post on EAL vs ESL the other day. It’s great to read so many positives regarding EAL culture at her school: teamwork, addressing individual needs, building a whole-school EAL approach, etc. 429 kata lagi