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Aglow 2021

Derwenthorpe Aglow lights up the windows on the estate with illuminated seasonal pictures. Here are some samples from last year:

Everyone is welcome to participate; just follow these simple instructions… 187 kata lagi

George Chahal inflagranti

Interesting video by the counter signal, which is the former rebel news reporter Keean Bexte.

Check out this publication at the countersignal.com and sign the petition to fire this outrageous election cheat George Chahal at firechahal.com.


At the Feline G-20 Summit

News item:  Three stray cats evaded security and wandered around the main stage at a G-20 Summit meeting.

“I seriously don’t know what it is with these human ‘leaders’ who think they run the world,” Rocco said as we stepped onto the stage at the G-20 Summit. 581 kata lagi


Why Your Bible Matters!

I think a lot about the Scriptures and what they say. I learned about the Scripture when I was just a little boy attending Mrs. Dora Williams’ Sunday School Class at Calvary Baptist Church in Williamston, South Caroline. 350 kata lagi

Personal Growth

Nwado community

nwado is a loving community,i am a member of the nwado community.

Once upon a time there was a young boy who was raised in a very wealthy family. 780 kata lagi


"The Embodiment of the American Dream"

All societies have ways of selecting their heroes and villains, of rewarding those who serve power and punish those who challenge policies and wrong-doing. The American Empire is particularly advanced at controlling who has real power, how society is socialized and controlled from the individual to the institutional levels. 494 kata lagi