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Beautiful Rejection

“I made a resolution, one of the few I can remember making. I was going to get a job and save my money and take the harp to a harp place and have it strung and find out at last what kind of music it made.” – Adolph ‘Harpo’ Marx, ‘Harpo Speaks’ 1.030 kata lagi


Back in March when isolation really began for the Pandemic, I had been visiting my husband in a nursing home almost every day. When visiting became a threat to the safety of the residents, I could no longer visit, except to wave at him from a distance, or see him through the glass window in a door. 151 kata lagi

Art Instructor

Exit Through The Gift Shop

‘Exit Through The Gift Shop’ was a Banksy directed film that debuted in 2010 which documented Theirry Guetta who worked with many famous street artists such as Shepard Fairey and was the cousin of Space Invader. 360 kata lagi


Man's Best Friend - Really?!

My head begins to nod to the side – it feels so heavy. I just want to be near them, but I’m just not comfortable sitting here. 211 kata lagi


Not an artist

What have I talked myself into? I casually suggested to my daughter that on a Zoom call I could do some painting with the little ones. 104 kata lagi

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