WordAds Application for a site with +4K daily being delayed

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    Dear all, I applied to WordAds some time ago and wonder if my blog should not eligible by now. recently came across some blog posts that claim to have been accepted to the program although having less views than I do. Is that possible? Besides the number of views, are the any other criteria that I need to fulfill and that I currently do not? Furthermore, could you give any indication when I will be accepted? Regrads, Jetpack (WordAds) account: (email redacted) Website: appodit.com






    Hi there!

    We have responded to your request via email. I can post our response here as well, in case other people have the same question.

    I see your application is already pending in the system. This would get approved through an automated process after evaluating the nature of your traffic, and amount of visitors. I cannot disclose the exact amount or criteria here, since it varies depending on how we match this with the requirements of our advertiser networks and their demand.


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