Write here. Write there. Write anywhere.

Start writing in Google Docs and immediately post it to WordPress, with your formatting intact.

Create with more flexibility.

Post directly to your WordPress site with the WordPress.com for Google Docs plugin, or embed documents (and Sheets, Presentations, and more) into your WordPress.com blog with the embed code.

Easier collaboration
Use the collaborative writing tools of Google Docs to fine tune a post as a team, then push it to the website when it’s ready. No more sending docs back and forth.
Faster publishing
Ditch the tedium of the copy and paste dance between tabs. With your formatting intact, you can publish your posts faster.
Enhanced security
You can limit the number of site logins you have to create or distribute when you work with Google Docs. Save the actual posting for those with admin privileges.
Work offline
With Google Docs’ offline mode you can work on your next post even when you’re disconnected, then publish it the next time you’re online.

WordPress and Google. Better together.

Streamline your writing process—collaborate, edit and publish to your WordPress site directly through Google Docs.