WordPress vs. HTML: The Best Site Building Solutions

Creating a website isn’t just one decision, it’s many. Committing to site creation and picking a niche to function within are hard enough. Deciding between WordPress vs. HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) to build your site doesn’t have to be another hurdle in your quest to get a brand off the ground.

To determine whether you should use a platform like WordPress.com or invest in learning HTML to create a website, understand the benefits of each option.

Website development is evolving

Historically, creating a website from scratch was something that only web developers could master. The process involved a lot of coding, server configuration, design, and other tasks that required specialized skills and experience. For those who lacked the necessary skills, building a website was out of the question.

The landscape of website development is evolving. Now, tools exist that empower everyday people to build websites on their own. To create a site, you don’t need to spend a fortune, and you aren’t required to learn a coding language like HTML — just use WordPress.com.

HTML isn’t for everyone

As told by w3schools, HTML is the standard markup language for site page creation. It’s also the “rawest” language when it comes to website building. HTML doesn’t allow for features like commenting or contact forms.

HTML wasn’t created with these kinds of functionalities in mind. By its very nature, it’s static. This means that HTML can only be used to produce static website documents — not interactive ones.

Skip the learning curve with WordPress.com

WordPress.com is one of the most popular site builders on the market. Setting up an account is quick and it doesn’t require users to have web design skills or past experience. You can also get started for free.

On top of that, WordPress.com comes equipped with many of the capabilities that you might expect a hosting platform to provide, like commenting, contact forms, and an intuitive user interface.

WordPress UI

You can even pick your site’s design from a library of feature-filled themes, and install one with a single click.

Install a theme

Building a website with WordPress.com positions your online presence to grow alongside your business. You can get a website up and running for free, but if you decide at a later point that you want a custom domain name or eCommerce capabilities, you can upgrade to a more feature-rich plan starting at $4 per month.

Why does anyone still use HTML?

The advantages of WordPress.com over HTML are clear, yet some people still use HTML. Behind the scenes, all websites are translated to HTML before being served to viewers. This means that HTML will always be important when it comes to site development.

Nowadays, the primary value that comes with creating websites using HTML is the educational aspect. If you want to learn how websites work under the hood, becoming familiar with HTML is a good idea.

In most cases — especially when building a site for commercial purposes — you’re better off using an intuitive hosting platform like WordPress.com, especially if you don’t have any previous site design experience.

WordPress.com and HTML

When creating a website, it’s not always a case of WordPress vs. HTML. Since WordPress.com provides an additional, beginner-friendly layer, you’ll get a clearer understanding of how your site works.

Here are some HTML tips that can help you make the most of your WordPress.com website.


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