Yes, is a Free Website Builder

It’s important to choose the right website-building platform prior to launching your site. There’s a lot to consider, like how easy the platform is to use, what features it offers, and how much it costs.

Maybe you’ve heard that is a free website builder. If you have, you’re probably wondering if there’s a catch.

Fortunately, there isn’t. is a free platform that provides you with the tools needed to get a site up and running quickly. If you want to build an attractive and functional blog without spending a cent, consider using also offers paid plans that come with additional features, if needed — but they are completely optional. The core platform is free, and there’s no pressure to upgrade to a paid plan.

How can possibly be free?

If you still don’t believe that is free, take a look at a breakdown of some of its features that allow it to remain priceless (literally and figuratively):

  • A free subdomain ( instead of a domain (, although you can upgrade your plan for a custom domain name.

  • A small logo in the footer of your site. Paid plans allow you to eliminate the logo in the footer altogether.

  • No access to CSS code for free accounts. offers a visual customizer.

  • Subtle and occasional ads on your blog to help power

These features are non-intrusive, and won’t get in the way of what your website can accomplish.

Why choose a free website builder?

The biggest benefit of using a free website builder is obvious — it’s free. offers even more benefits compared to paid or self-hosted site builders. This is because takes care of behind-the-scenes tasks that come with running a website, allowing you to focus on growing your site.

When you use a free website builder, you don’t have to learn how to code, deal with spam filters, or updates — all of it is done for you. takes time-consuming tasks and advanced design options off of your plate, leaving you in control of the most essential tools for building a website. Think of it as outsourcing all of your website management tasks except for content creation.

This saves you time that is better spent creating valuable resources and articles. For example, if you’re a math teacher and want to start a blog to help students around the world improve their math skills, you can spend your time producing more lessons and exercises that will actually serve those students, instead of fiddling with the plugins and updates on your site.

Here are the additional advantages of using a free account:

Fully hosted blog

With, you don’t have to pay separately for web hosting or a domain name. You receive hosting services along with a free subdomain.

Hands-off backup and security takes care of your site security and backups. Even when you update your content, automatically saves revisions so that you never lose work.

Better search engine rankings blogs are automatically optimized to rank higher in search engine results. You don’t need to install a plugin or hire an SEO expert.

Built-in plugin functionality

If you used a self-hosted site, you would need to find and set up plugins for functions like security, search engine optimization, and contact forms. provides these necessary plugins by default.

Easy customization options

You can control the design of your website with dozens of free website templates and more than 30 Google fonts.

Is right for you?

Some people prefer to pay for a site builder that offers specific functionalities, but for many people, a free website builder is ideal. is right for you if:

  • You don’t have enhanced technical skills.

  • You don’t have time to fiddle with the behind-the-scenes elements of your blog.

  • You want to test-drive your blogging fantasy for free.

  • You don’t want to worry about backups or security tools.

  • You want to keep things quick and simple, for now.

If these factors apply to you, sign up for and begin reaping the benefits of your free website!

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