Five Reasons for Business Websites Is a Smart Choice

In the past, businesses could get by without needing a website. These days, that’s simply not the case. If someone wants to learn about your business, the first place they will turn to is Google or a similar search engine. If your business doesn’t show up in search results, you may lose that customer.

Bringing your business online is a big step that requires time, money, and possibly technical skills.

But choosing for business can help you get online with ease. is the ideal platform for small businesses because it enables you to build a website without needing any technical experience and without spending too much — if anything at all. If you’re creating a business website, here are five reasons you might want to use to do so.

1. is quick and user-friendly

You can set up a new account for your business in a matter of minutes, without paying a cent. Once your account is set up, you can create and edit your new website through an interface that doesn’t require any advanced skill to navigate. Since is entirely online, you can also edit your site from any iOS or Android device using a mobile app.

2. is affordable

As previously mentioned, you can set up your site on for free. If you want access to extra features offered through paid plans, they start at $4 per month. The best part is that the things you would normally pay for when creating a website (like hosting) are offered for free. This is a big money saver, as the price of creating a website from scratch can run in the thousands.

3. handles website security

If your plan is to sell products online or collect personal information from your customers (like credit card information), it’s imperative that your website protects customer information. approaches website security proactively and provides you with the ongoing security you need to build a trustworthy brand and credible website.

4. Real-time technical assistance

If you’re on, you have access to a broad network of forums that offer support whenever you have a question. Moreover, any paid plan comes with access to live chat support from’s Happiness Engineers. Either way, your questions will be answered quickly by experts.

5. works for everyone, in every language isn’t limited to English-only websites — there are currently 120 different languages being used across sites. No matter what your native language is, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to use it with There are also some plugins that can help to translate your website.

Grow your business with

If you’re serious about making money or growing your business, then using can help you accomplish this. specializes in allowing both individuals and businesses to create websites without breaking a sweat or the bank. The five reasons listed above are only a snapshot of why using for business websites is a great idea — there are even more waiting to be discovered.


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