Websites for Organizations: Coordinate, Promote, and Grow

Websites for organizations can help to legitimize your group in the eyes of prospective members and the public at large. They also provide platforms on which to promote, coordinate, communicate, and achieve your group’s purpose. offers a flexible platform that can suit your group’s needs now, and as it continues to grow in the future. Here are just a few of the things that you can accomplish with a website for your organization.

Promote your organization to a wider audience

Having a robust web presence can open up a world of possibilities for your organization. Consider the following benefits:

  • Building a website is the first step toward making your organization discoverable by search engines.
  • Featuring a blog on your website and updating it by publishing content consistently will help you build an audience and generate interest in your organization. Read about National Geographic Education’s blog for inspiration.
  • Tools such as Publicize let you automatically share content to your organization’s social media platforms, which your members can reshare to boost your exposure that much more.

Coordinate and communicate

When it comes to event attendance, coordination is fundamental for success. By adding a calendar and forum to your website, you can make it more convenient for everyone to stay on the same page.

Embed a Google Calendar into any of your posts, pages, or sidebars to keep site visitors in-the-know about upcoming dates, while informing future scheduling. If you’re on the Business plan and are looking for a more robust calendar option, plugins such as The Events Calendar can help you manage ticketing as well.

Forums also work wonders in terms of facilitating communication and engaging your members. Add a forum plugin like bbPress and start threads about relevant topics like budgeting, event planning, or discussions to increase your organization’s cohesion and camaraderie. (Note that plugins are available to Business websites only.)

Include a directory

Websites for organizations are as much about the members as they are about appealing to the public. You can instill a sense of pride and give organization members something to tout by prominently featuring them within your organization’s digital member directory and blog posts.

You can even include a section that highlights your board of directors, as well as new or notable members. Alternatively, if you run a networking organization, you can choose to password-protect your member directory to keep non-members from accessing any personal information.

Accept payments and donations

Anything that makes paying membership fees less convenient might discourage someone from renewing or joining a club or organization in the first place. If you have a Business or Premium plan, you can get ahead of this by allowing new and existing members to pay their dues online using’s Simple Payments button. You can also add a Simple Payments button to allow non-members to donate to your charity campaigns, or enable alumni to give back to your organization.

All payments are securely processed through PayPal, so that patrons or donors can rest assured that their transactions and personal information won’t fall into the wrong hands.

Your website can grow with your organization

Every organization — be it a virtual book club, local gardening association, or children’s sports league — can benefit from having a website. Whether you want something that features general information and contact details, or a robust platform with member directories, an events calendar, and payment options, building your online presence with ensures that your website has the flexibility to grow along with your organization.

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