What Goes Into a Website Footer?

A website footer is a useful site tool; however, it is one of the most overlooked elements when it comes to design and development. According to TechBear, a footer allows mobile visitors to explore your website more efficiently as they scroll up and down, making it an important navigation tool as well.

Since your footer appears on every page of your website, it’s a great place to display information that you want visitors to easily access no matter where they are. It also directs them to important details that you might not necessarily want to include in your navigation bar. To help you get started with footers, here are some ideas for inspiration.

1. About

HubSpot suggests that your “About” page will likely be one of the most visited spots on your website. It gives customers a better understanding of what your business offers and how you can help them. Give visitors easy access to this essential page by including it in your website footer.

2. Contact information

Have you ever needed to call a business or reference its address? Instead of making visitors search and then come back to the original page that they were on, add contact information including your physical address, email, and phone number right into your website footer. You can also include a link to a contact form.

3. Social media icons

Your footer is an excellent location for your social media icons to live. It gives customers another way to connect with your business without distracting them from the content on your website.

4. Legal information

Include important legal information such as your website’s privacy policy and terms of service right in the footer for easy access.

5. Subscribe

Create a catchy but succinct call to action in your footer by offering visitors another opportunity to subscribe to your newsletter.

6. Copyright

Although everything that you put on your website is technically copyrighted the moment you hit “publish,” a copyright symbol in your footer adds an extra layer of protection. If you have a WordPress.com Premium or Pro plan, you can include this information in your footer credits as well.

7. Search bar

To help visitors locate specific information on your site, a search bar widget is another great feature to add to your footer.


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