Start a Business Website in Just Seven Steps

So, you have an amazing business idea and you decide to create a website. But where do you begin?

Fear not — just follow these seven steps to successfully launch your online business!

Choose a domain name

A domain name is the website address that people will use to find your website. Pick a domain name that’s unique and easy to remember.

You can use a service like Lean Domain Search to find out if your preferred name is already taken, and to browse alternatives. Once you pick a domain, you’ll need to register it with a web host or domain service.

Find a web host

After your domain name is registered, you need to direct it to a server that stores your site files. This is where a web host comes in.

Web hosts store your website information and deliver it to your site visitors. Picking a good host (or a platform that takes care of hosting for you) will help your site perform better.

Decide how to build it

The next step is to determine how you’ll build your website. It takes a lot of coding knowledge to create a site from scratch, so you might need to hire a developer if that’s what you want.

Building a site from scratch isn’t always necessary, though. Instead, you can use what’s known as a “content management system” (CMS) to organize your information. You can take this one step further by using a site-building platform to help you create a website without needing any technical skills.

Design its look and feel

Once you decide how to build your site, establish the look and feel of its design. This is one area where a CMS or site-building platform become good choices, as most offer predesigned themes. These themes generally allow you to customize a website beyond its original design, giving you the power to make it unique.

Get building

Now that you’ve picked your site tools and design, you can start building it. It’s a good idea to conduct preliminary research on what the best practices are when it comes to adding pages to your website or making sure your website title, meta-description, and content are search engine-friendly. You might also want to test your site on a mobile device to ensure that it looks good on any screen size.

Time to launch

After your site is built, it’s time to share it with the world. If you’re active on social media, you can post about your new website and encourage your followers to take a look. Send emails about your new website to friends, family, and customers — it’s a great way to get the word out.

Make sure that you update your business cards, advertising materials, and anything else that’s related to your business (like your email signature) to include your new website address.

Test and refine

This final step is the one that a lot of people forget about when they start business websites, but it’s a good idea to regularly test your site to make sure everything’s still in working order. During these tests, you might notice something that makes less sense than it did a month ago. By changing it, you can make your visitors’ experiences on your website that much better.

Bonus tip: find the shortcuts

While the above steps will help you start a business website quickly, there are other ways to speed up the process. A platform like handles everything from registering your domain name, to hosting, to helping you build and customize your site. It takes care of the hardest parts of site creation, freeing up your time to run and grow your business.

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