Restaurant Menu Design: 5 Themes with Great Menu Pages

Not surprisingly, menus are often the most visited page on restaurant websites.

Think about it: Would you go to a restaurant if you didn’t know what type of food they served? If a restaurant’s website doesn’t have this valuable information, you’ll search elsewhere — and likely take your business elsewhere, too.

Your restaurant menu design is an important tool to attract customers. As Restaurant Insider notes, successful restaurants put as much effort into the menu design as the menu itself.

If you don’t know where to start, offers several themes with menu pages that just might increase foot traffic to your restaurant.

Why you need a menu on your site

In some countries, the restaurant menu is posted by the entrance, giving potential customers all the information they need to make a dining decision.

Posting your menu on your site is the digital equivalent. It gives potential customers more information about the type of food you offer and the cost, enticing them to visit.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is another reason to post your menu. Someone may crave a particular dish, and having an online menu that Google can crawl for relevant keywords could push your restaurant higher up in search rankings. Another benefit is that more people engage with websites on the go, so having a mobile-friendly menu could help you attract more customers.

Choosing your restaurant menu design

If you’re in the process of launching your restaurant’s site or need a refresh, here are five great themes to consider for your restaurant menu design:

1. Canape

This free theme is all about the visuals. If your restaurant is about elegance, it may be right for you.

The homepage has a section for featured menu items. The menu page is simple, with a clean design and slightly fancier font that’ll let patrons know they’re in for a truly special dining experience. Canape theme

2. Appetite

The homepage of this premium theme features space for testimonials, staff bios, and recent news, while the menu page has slots for thumbnail photos of each menu item. The menu page is approachable and not too fussy — perfect for a neighborhood gastropub or local diner. Appetite theme

3. Restaurant

This theme is truly chef-y and comes with a custom template you can use to create your menu page. All you need for this page is a great header image, a few good thumbnails, plus some mouthwatering copy to add to the “More info” section located directly under each menu item. Restaurant theme

4. Aperitive

Aperitifs are cocktails designed to stimulate the appetite — and this theme’s design does just that.

A premium theme with elegant typography, Aperitive’s menu page features a simple, two-column layout with a dedicated page that loads for each dining course. Aperitive theme

5. Confit

This free template is perfect for cafes or more casual eateries. The menu page features a description box where you can give patrons more information before they dive into the rest of the menu. Simply add the name of each dish and a one-sentence description — it’s efficient and easy. Confit theme

If you’re deciding between a free or premium (paid) theme, one benefit to paying a little more is that you can customize your site with specific fonts and colors that align with your restaurant’s decor. And if you know a bit of HTML coding, you can play around with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) on the backend of your site to change its visual appearance and formatting. But you can do a lot with the free themes, such as adding your restaurant’s branding with the Site Logo feature.

Your restaurant menu design doesn’t have to be complicated — the most important thing is that it’s on the page. It’s one of the first things customers look for when they visit your site. Make it easy for them to find your menu and get information about what you offer, so you can convert that online visit into an in-person one.

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