Brainstorming Online Business Ideas? Consider These Eight Options

As people are presented with more ways to create sites and collect payments online, many entrepreneurs choose to brainstorm online business ideas to make a living. There’s a wide range of online business ideas that you can consider when building a successful career online.


Many people make a living through blogging. Once you have a solid following and you build a sense of trust among your readers, connecting an advertising service like Google AdWords or WordAds to your blog allows you to make money from your posts.

You can collect added revenue if you write about your favorite products and link back to them via the Amazon Associates program.

Training and education

If you have expertise in a specific field, creating an online course is another popular way to earn a living. The internet is a global resource, and sharing your knowledge with people around the world (and charging them for it) can be equivalent to writing a few blog posts or recording a few instructional videos every month.

Coaching and mentoring

If you don’t have the tools or knowledge to set up an online course, a one-on-one coaching or mentoring program is a good alternative. If you like personal interactions, this is perfect industry for you, as you’ll work with people in personal ways to help them achieve their business or life goals.

Personal assistant services

Another idea is making yourself available as an online personal assistant, especially if you excel at administrative tasks. Many startup founders and entrepreneurs need someone to help them with their day-to-day administrative duties, but lack the funds to hire someone full-time. Booking meetings, making calls, and typing up letters and documents can all be handled from the comfort of your home.


In early 2017, Business Insider reported that for the coming year, “online retail will grow 8-12 percent, up to three times higher than the growth rate of the wider [retail] industry.” More and more shoppers are buying online, so if you currently have a physical store or products to sell, listing them for sale online could be the way to go.

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Online marketplaces

Even if you don’t have a specific product to sell, there are other ways to use the power of the internet to sell things online. Many small businesses don’t have the time or funds to build their own online stores. You could build an online marketplace and allow others to sell their products on your website for a commission.

Digital marketing and social media

With the rise of blogging and social media, many business owners and companies need someone to manage their social media profiles to ensure they are relevant to the public.

If you already have experience in the digital marketing space, ghostwriting blog posts and sharing relevant content to social media platforms on behalf of other companies can be completed from anywhere in the world.

Content creation

Every year, Forbes releases its Highest Paid YouTube Stars list. The number one spot this year earned an estimated $16.5 million. A lot of this person’s time and effort went into recording and editing their YouTube content and growing a following.

If you’re willing to put in the work, creating content for video blogs and other online entertainment outlets can be rewarding ways to make money.

Today, there are more ways to make money online than ever before. If one of the above ideas sounds like a fit, now may be the perfect opportunity to launch your online business.


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