Local SEO Tips: Create a Business Website

For small businesses, it’s vital to create a website to not only showcase your digital brand, but to perform well in search engine optimization (SEO). In fact, if you want to know one of the best local SEO tips, this is a great place to start. A strong online presence offers significant search benefits to your brand. It helps search engines find you and better understand what you offer. As such, a website can help drive new, local prospects to your company.

Here’s a look at why local SEO is so important for you as a small business owner — and why creating a website is key to doing it well.

What is local SEO and why does it matter?

Local SEO is all about making your brand easy for people in your geographic area to find online, with the goal of increasing business. According to Hubspot, 50 percent of local mobile searchers will visit a business they discover in search results within the day — that’s a conversion rate too high to ignore. If half the people who find your site through mobile searches become immediate visitors, why not increase the number of people who find your site? When local prospects search for the products or services you offer, your company should come up instead of your competitor’s. Local SEO can help you achieve this.

Why creating a website is one of the best local SEO tips

In terms of optimizing local search results, nothing compares to a strong website. With a business website, you have a place to build content that’s relevant to your industry and location. Search engines will link to the site, sending visitors to your business. As you optimize your site, you increase its authority online and rankings in search engines.

Automatic SEO benefits with a WordPress.com site

When you build a WordPress.com website, you automatically enjoy certain SEO features, such as a built-in XLM sitemap. This immediately benefits your brand online by creating a road map of your site for search engines to find and index your pages. Other included features are News Sitemaps, which publish your posts to Google News, and automatic notifications sent to Google every time you post, edit, or delete an article or page. To make your site communicate with web crawlers, WordPress.com automatically creates a robots.txt file.

Other possibilities for website optimization

Additionally, there are many ways you can help optimize your site for better search rankings, from creating keyword-rich content to being strategic about including relevant terms in metadata. The most important step, however, is getting started. Launch your site today, and worry about optimization tomorrow.

Over time, you can keep adding to your site with keyword-rich content relevant to your geographic location and the services or products you sell. The bottom line is that a website is the foundation of effective local SEO.

If you want to draw more people to your business through local SEO, start by creating a business website.

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