How WordPress Widgets Can Help Make Your Website More User-Friendly

Part of the beauty of creating your website on is the ability to customize its look and feel. By using themes and widgets, you can make your website look totally different than everyone else’s, creating something that is truly you. widgets are one of the best ways to customize your site. A small graphic interface devoted to a specific function, “widget” is just a fancy word for tools or content that you can add, arrange, and remove from the sidebar or footer of your website. They can add very specific features to your site without you having to write any code or call a developer for help.

Access your widgets by going to My Sites > Customize. The Customizer is where you can add, remove, and configure widgets for your site. There are both complex and simple widgets available, but any can help make your website more user-friendly. Check out our infographic to learn how to get the most out of widgets.

Infographic representing how to use widgets effectively on

Help your audience find what they’re looking for widgets are a great way to help guide your visitors around the website. Adding a search widget helps get people to where they want to go as quickly as possible —they just need to tap their term into the search bar, and off they go. You could also use a Recent Posts or Navigation Menu widget to spotlight the areas you think the visitor might be interested in.

Build your brand

Adding an “About Me” section in your sidebar lets you introduce yourself to the audience. You can then use a Text or Text and Image widget to write a bio and show your face or logo. The Image widget can also be used to add custom image links to reinforce your visual brand.

Expand your community websites are not only built for simple content management but also for building communities. Encourage your visitors to interact with your site and each other by using a Top Posts and Pages, My Community or Recent Comments widget. Grow your email list by adding the Follow Blog widget to your sidebar or footer, and highlight your social media accounts by using the Instagram, Twitter, or Flickr Social Icon widgets. You can display your social feed on the website itself, or just link to your accounts on other platforms if you want to encourage visitors to follow you there, too.

Make the most of the space

Widgets help you to make the most of the available space on your website without it becoming crowded or unappealing. One page element to customize — if your theme allows for it — is the footer. This area is the bottom section of your website, and it’s the same from page to page. It’s a good place to include contact details, your Follow Blog widget, a Search widget, or even links to recent posts. widgets help you to personalize your website, whether it’s for business or pleasure. Make good use of all the tools available on to optimize the visitor’s experience to ensure they keep coming back for more.

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