How to Start a Fashion Blog in 8 Steps

Some of the biggest influencers in the fashion industry today are Chiara Ferragni, Leandra Medine, and Shea Marie. What do they have in common? They all started out as fashion bloggers.

Every year, more fashionistas start blogs to share their personal styles with the world. If you’re thinking about following in their footsteps, here is how to start a fashion blog in eight steps.

1. Choose your niche

First and foremost, determine the focus of your blog. Do you want to showcase your personal style, or capture the style of others? Will you focus on budget-friendly fashions or professional attire?

By defining your niche, you’ll be able to effectively and efficiently start a fashion blog.

2. Find a photographer

You might be able to get started with just a smartphone and strategic use of a self-timer, but to set yourself up for long-term success, consider enlisting help from a photographer. With someone else behind the camera, you can capture more diverse, higher quality shots.

Of Leather and Lace‘s Tina Lee explains that you don’t necessarily need a professional photographer to get amazing pictures — a significant other or friend with a penchant for photography will do just fine.

Alternatively, you can collaborate with up-and-coming photographers looking to expand their portfolios, as these relationships are often mutually beneficial.

3. Compile photos

The more posts that you have queued up when you launch your blog, the better. ProBlogger recommends having at least three to five posts published once your site goes live, with five to ten more waiting in the queue. For this reason, you’ll want to start collecting photos and jotting down ideas well before you launch.

4. Create a content calendar

One of the most challenging aspects of running any blog is lining up new, exciting posts to keep your readers engaged. After all, publishing consistently helps you build a following.

To this end, many bloggers plan their posts in advance with the help of a content calendar. Keep it simple: outline your idea, then determine shoot and publish dates.

5. Build your website

Once you’ve completed the preliminary steps, it’s time to create your blog. There are several considerations that go into this:

  • Choosing a web host
  • Picking a domain name
  • Selecting a theme
  • Customizing site appearance

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, offers resources to help you get started, including a website-building course.

6. Launch social media accounts

Most bloggers use social media accounts to promote their content and increase site traffic. Because fashion blogs are typically image-driven, you’ll definitely want accounts with Pinterest and Instagram. If you have the time, consider starting Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well. Use these platforms to promote your blog posts on a daily basis.

7. Network with other bloggers

Once your blog and social media accounts are up and running, it’s time to expand your reach. One budget-friendly way to do this is by collaborating with other bloggers. Reach out to bloggers that have similarly sized followings to see if they’re interested in partnering on an upcoming post, writing a guest post, or even starring in guest photo shoots for your site.

8. Connect with brands

Finally, you’re ready to work towards brand collaborations. This is how most big-name bloggers make money, but it’s no easy task.

Footwear brand, Mifani, reports that you need a large following in order to collaborate with fashion brands, and that you should initially target companies with followings similar to your own. This might be small fashion boutiques, indie clothing brands, or local designers. Pitch yourself to these companies, explaining how a partnership would benefit their business as well as yours.

When you land on a brand partnership that works for you, be flexible about compensation. Brands may offer merchandise as payment, or give you a unique referral code. Consider what they’re offering and how it could benefit your blog in the long run.

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