How to Sell an E-book on in Five Steps

According to the Association of American Publishers, e-book sales now account for two-thirds of all books sold. Learning how to sell an e-book on can allow you to maximize your earnings as a self-published author rather than paying a fee to a third-party seller. With themes, you can create a site to promote your digital e-books and collect payments.

Sell an e-book on

Ready to take your bookstore online? Here’s how to set it up with

1. Select a theme

Using the theme directory, you can select a prebuilt theme specifically designed for indie author e-bookstores. Two options to consider include:

Sell eBooks: This responsive e-bookstore theme offers built-in integration with PayPal to collect payments, as well as flexible drag-and-drop page builder tools to promote your books.

Sell eBooks Theme

VW Book Store: This theme is specifically designed for the needs of indie authors, publishers, and other online booksellers. Simple customization tools let authors upload a high volume of digital content and customize the visual design.

Once you select a theme, use its official documentation to determine the best practices for setting up payment processing, tax rates, and digital e-book delivery.

2. Upload e-book content

Next, use the admin view of the theme menu to navigate to Downloads or Products and upload your e-book files by adding each piece of content.

3. Create e-book pages

In the theme menu, go to Pages and select Add New to advertise each unique e-book on the website. During this step, you will also need to set prices for each e-book and write book descriptions.

4. Choose a layout

Depending on the theme you’ve selected, you may have the option to create a customized page display. This lets you optimize your e-book display and sort options to create a simple user experience.

5. Test your site

Before your e-bookstore goes live, test the website extensively to verify that your payment and digital delivery features are working smoothly.

Once you’ve learned how to sell an e-book on, you’ll be able to build a larger readership and maximize your earnings. Learn how to get started with themes.

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