How to Reduce Video Size for Faster Load Times

According to Social Media Today, visitors will stay on your website 60 percent longer if you include videos instead of only featuring text and static images. Once you upload videos to your site, it’s important that their larger file sizes don’t slow down your page load times. What good is adding video to your site if visitors are leaving before it finishes loading? You’ll want to reduce video size to yield faster load times and keep visitors engaged.

1. Edit videos for length

The longer a video runs, the larger its file size will be. Additionally, shorter videos can actually prove to be more effective. According to VideoGuru, 60 percent of viewers will stop watching a product- or service-related video at the two-minute mark. Keep this in mind before filming your videos to eliminate large file sizes from the start.

2. Mute your videos

Are your videos accompanied by audio files? Is having audio necessary to convey the meaning of your video? Consider removing audio tracks to help reduce video sizes.

According to Wyzowl, “75% of consumers have been discouraged from buying a product because a voiceover in an ad annoyed or alienated them.” Why not skip the noise altogether? This also saves you the trouble of finding royalty-free music to accompany your voiceovers.

3. Change video resolutions

Whether you’re using Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, or Final Cut Pro, you can almost always reduce video file sizes by determining your desired video resolution at the beginning of the editing process. You can usually designate your file resolution during the export process as well.

When selecting a format to export your completed video, pay attention to the corresponding file sizes. WMV and MP4 are two popular video formats for website videos.

4. Compress your videos

Once your video is complete, there’s still time to decrease its size before you embed it to your site. But, what software solutions can be used to reduce video size? While there are several options available, Handbrake is a popular choice that allows users to manage video compression right from your desktop, whether you’re using a Mac or PC.

Make videos an advantage, not a liability

To confirm whether video file sizes are negatively affecting your website analytics, check your stats to verify that your videos are engaging visitors, as opposed to driving them away in frustration. If your videos are slowing down your page load times, take the extra step to reduce video file sizes so that your content reaches your audience and supports your brand.

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