How to Move From Joomla to

Want to move from Joomla to In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to get through the process step by step.

Why you should move from Joomla to

Joomla is among the most popular content management systems on the web. That being said, the platform can be challenging for beginner users to interact with, and it doesn’t offer as many push-button upgrades and add-ons as does. There are hundreds of extensions, themes, and third-party solutions that you can integrate with your website. is an ideal solution to make running a website easy and unintimidating even for first-time website owners.

The things you need to get started

You need a couple of things to move from Joomla to

  • Full administrative access to your Joomla website.
  • A Business account. This type of account allows you to install plugins from the WordPress repository or to upload custom plugins from third-party sites. This will become important in a few steps, as there’s a key plugin you’ll need in order to complete the move.

1. Get your Joomla database details

We’re going to execute the move by getting your content from the Joomla database. To do so, we must first obtain access to said database.

You’re going to find your access details if you log in to your Joomla user panel and then go to System → Global Configuration. From there, go into the Server tab. There should be a section labeled Database Settings. The data you need is:

  • host
  • database username
  • database name
  • database table prefix

Joomla database settings

Keep that information somewhere where you can access it easily. We’re going to need it in a sec.

2. Install the FG Joomla to WordPress plugin

Log in to and go to My Sites → Plugins. Enter “Joomla” into the search box:

Joomla plugin

Click on the Install button to get the plugin running on your site.

3. Move from Joomla to

When in the My Sites section in, click on the WP Admin link that’s at the bottom of the sidebar:

wp admin

You’re going to see the full admin interface of Go to Tools → Import. Next, click on Run Importer under Joomla (FG):

run importer

To make a clean import, you’ll want to remove all the content that’s on your site. Select the box where it says Remove all WordPress content and hit the Empty WordPress content button below. Warning: this is irreversible!

remove WordPress content

When this is done, it’s time to fill out the next form.

Joomla database

Click on Test the database connection to make sure everything works.

The following form is where you can set the specifics of the migration.

migration form

Feel free to go for the same settings in your form or you can tweak things to match your individual needs. Click on Start / Resume the import to begin. You’ll see a success message in a couple of seconds (moving a larger site can take more time).

Then click the Modify internal links button at the bottom of the page.

modify internal links


You’ve just made the move from Joomla to successfully!

Now it would be a good idea to customize your site a bit — pick a nice design (theme), move things around on your homepage, and put some useful widgets in place. Here’s some of our other content that can help you with that:


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