How to Get Gigs as a DJ Using Your Website

Figuring out how to get gigs as a DJ or musician is a common concern when trying to break into the music industry. It doesn’t matter if you’re a master mixer or have a voice that can bring an entire room to tears: getting gigs or bookings can be hard.

A professional online presence will help your fans, other artists, promoters, and agents discover your talent. Your site should reflect your personal style. In this industry, you are your brand. The following tips expand on how you can be proactive about securing bookings.

Be social

To endear fans and promote your work, every up-and-coming artist or DJ should be social online. Tweet, post, upload your music or playlists, and regularly refer listeners to your website. Employing social media buttons for Twitter, Soundcloud, Instagram, or any of your favorite platforms encourage guests to share your brand with their friends. For recognition, the Music Industry How To website recommends developing a signature style and logo, and inserting your band name into each of your profile extensions.

Be yourself

Securing gigs is about more than sharing your talent. Defining yourself or establishing your onstage personality is just as important. As the Sonicbids Blog instructs, your homepage, headshot, and gallery photos should represent your persona, whether you have a rock star soul, soca energy, or indie flair.

You can’t personally hand out business cards to all the right people, but your site’s navigation menu can (and should) include links to your “Contact” and “About Me” pages. Feature your biography, and the bios of any band members on your “About” page, relaying the best bits of your musical journey to your visitors. The attention created by your stories and friendly energy (in posts and in-person) can lead to bookings and other interesting opportunities.

Be taken seriously

Knowing how to get gigs as a DJ or musician has a lot to do with how you’re perceived. The more professional and relevant your site appears, the more respect visitors are likely to give you. For example, check out what the Marquee theme offers. Its clean vibe, site-wide audio player, and prominent branding features let visitors know you’re a professional.

Before you upload samples of your work to your site (like a playlist or song) be aware that copyright infringement is a serious issue. Adding a terms and conditions page lets guests know that you’re no amateur.

Be prepared

As a musician, recognition takes time to develop. One way to improve your performance and amass a following faster is by practicing and preparing. Making Music Magazine recommends developing a warm-up routine, learning to deal with stage fright, and preparing for mistakes. After all, musical mishaps will occur; even to the best of us.

Be proactive and SEO savvy

Teaching your trade to others can bring in added revenue as well as recognition. If you plan to share your talent, add appropriate pages like “Guitar Lessons,” “Voice Training,” or “DJ Workshops” to your website and include your schedule and fees. How you phrase menu navigation, posts, and even image descriptions is crucial for search engine optimization (SEO). So, be as straightforward as possible while letting your authenticity shine through.

Be the fan favorite

Establishing an effective online presence will help you discover how to get gigs as a DJ, singer, or other musical artist. However, it’s just as important to enjoy yourself throughout the process. Combine the tips above with your social media strategy to not only get booked by venues, but to grow your overall fan base.


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