How to Get Blog Followers: 4 Strategies for Success

When you first start blogging for your business, you’ll likely pour your heart into your content and will pick topics that educate your readers about what you do.

But, you might become frustrated. You check your site stats and discover that you only have a few views per article.

It feels as if you’re doing all this hard work for nothing.

Don’t give up. Growing your website traffic takes time. Luckily, there are some strategies you can use to get more blog followers.

Let’s review how to get blog followers with these four tricks.

1. Write articles that your audience wants to read

The first step to attracting more readers is by publishing content that your target audience wants to read.

Your target audience is made up of your ideal blog readers. These people likely share the same demographics as your target customers. Making sure that your blog is relevant to their needs and interests is sure to help grow a regular readership.

If that sounds easier said than done, here are a few tips for figuring out what they want to read.

  1. Check other popular blogs in your space. What topics are they covering? Don’t copy them, but use these topics as sources of inspiration. Also, read the comment sections to determine what questions readers have about those topics — you might provide the answers in posts of your own.
  2. Scan Amazon reviews. Amazon is a rich source of information about what people are interested in. Check out the three and four-star reviews on popular books in your industry to find out what readers felt was missing from them.
  3. Take a look at your site stats. What are the most popular articles on your blog? Can you write more posts covering the same topic, but from a different angle?

If you publish articles that your target audience wants to read, they’re more likely to stick around to read your future posts as well.

2. Optimize your blog posts for search engines

The best and most sustainable way to attract more readers is through search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO is a set of practices created to make your posts rank higher in search engine results. They include using specific keywords and making sure your site is organized. To get started, read up on some of the SEO guides available online, like this one from Moz.

If you succeed in getting your site listed on the first few pages of results for a popular Google search, you won’t need to rely on other people sharing your posts. You also won’t be subject to spikes and crashes in viewership — it’s a steady source of free blog traffic.

3. Promote your blog on social media

Almost everyone uses at least one social platform these days, so your target audience probably spends time on social media as well.

That’s why social media is a great place to promote your blog. Share your posts on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook — wherever your target audience is likely to hang out. Use both your personal timeline and business page for the greatest reach.

When you share your blog posts, don’t just blast them out without including a personalized message. Try pulling a quote from your article before you link to it, or ask an engaging question. Follow up with a call to action encouraging your followers to share your post.

4. Build your email list

Email marketing is an important way to grow your business and your site traffic.

Once a visitor finds your articles on social media or through search engine results, they’ll likely visit once and then leave, sometimes never coming back — unless they give permission for you to contact them over email.

When you obtain a reader’s email address, you can communicate with them whenever you want. You can send them new blog posts, promotions, and sales directly.

Be sure to include an email opt-in at least once per blog post, so that visitors can become long-term, returning readers.

Growing your blog isn’t easy, However, now that you know how to get blog followers, you will see sustained, incremental growth that will fuel your business.


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