How to Create Your Own Wedding Site on

You’ve been dreaming about your big day for years, but where do you start now that it’s time to begin planning?

You may want to create your own wedding site to provide information to guests about the venue, registry, ceremony, and more. However, many wedding website generators tend to produce cookie-cutter sites. If you want to put your own spin on your wedding site, you can easily create and customize it by using the website builder by with

Building an interactive wedding site

To get started with your wedding website, the first thing you’ll need to do is create a account. There are a few prompts to follow — they’ll ask you what your site is about (answer: your wedding!), what you want the title to be, and what you want to use as a URL.

When choosing a URL, you can go for a free option, which will be formatted as, or you can purchase a custom domain that drops the .wordpress to make it

Customizing your website

Once you’ve created your website, it’s time for the fun part: customization. There are many ways to put your own touch on your site, changing the look and adding different features.

1. Choose a theme has a lot of free and paid themes to choose from.

To narrow down your options, look for “wedding themes” using the search function — these themes will have a more romantic look and feel, as well as special page layouts and features for wedding information. You can then choose a theme that matches your style and color scheme.

2. Create and decorate pages

Once you’ve selected a theme, you’ll want to create pages for people to visit. Common pages for wedding websites include:

  • Details about the couple
  • A list of wedding party members
  • Info about the ceremony, such as the venue, dress code, and time
  • Links to the registry
  • Info about the location, accommodations, and things to do in the area

You can add images or even videos to any of these pages to make your website more personal and interactive.

3. Set up an RSVP form

Want your guests to be able to RSVP right from your website? You can create a custom RSVP form using a Form Block on your site.

This convenient feature lets you add custom fields so your guests can indicate whether they’re attending and/or bringing a date. You can even allow them to select their entrée using a custom drop-down menu. Every response to the form will be emailed to you.

4. Create a guestbook

Certain wedding themes, such as Toujours, allow you to create a guestbook page. This is where visitors can write well-wishes that will be displayed for everyone to see.

5. Insert a map of the venue

You can make it easy for guests to find your wedding venue by inserting a map right onto your website. All you have to do is get an embed code from Google Maps, then paste it onto the page where you want the graphic to appear.

6. Don’t forget a countdown

Chances are, you and your guests are all looking forward to the big day, and you can let everyone know exactly how many days (and hours and minutes) are left until your wedding using the event countdown block. Just enter the date and time, and let the countdown begin!

7. After the big day

How will you keep the fun going and share memories after you exchange vows? Your WordPress wedding website gives you a way to wrap things up as you start your new life together. Create tiled galleries and post slideshows from your wedding so friends and family can relive the experience. It’s an excellent way to share photos of your honeymoon, too.

Did you get outstanding service from your photographer, DJ, caterer, wedding planner, or others who helped your dream wedding become a reality? Use the blog section on your wedding website to post a public thank you that links back to their websites, which helps them earn new clients.

Honoring the milestone

If you want to create your own wedding site to celebrate this momentous occasion, has everything you need. With these ideas, you’ll be able to build a customized, interactive website that’s both beautiful and useful for you and your guests.

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