How Much Does a Website on WordPress Cost?

Whether you create a blog to share photos from your backpacking trip through South America, or an e-commerce store to sell your homegrown spice blends, offers several tiered plans to fit your website needs.

So, how much does a website on WordPress cost, and which plan is the right one for you? pricing depends on your site needs. Do you want to create a website for fun, or to have a creative outlet? Do you want to build an online portfolio or personalized resume? Are you hoping to make some extra money on the side? Or, do you want to launch a business to sell your products and services?

With these questions in mind, let’s break down WordPress cost by category.


If you want a website solely for personal use, website pricing starts low. The free option is a great if you want to establish an online presence and don’t mind advertising, or having “” included in your domain name. With this plan, you’ll have access to dozens of themes, some basic design customization, and limited storage space.

Personal, but professional

Are you looking to start a blog or website, aren’t necessarily interested in making money, but still want a customized domain and access to live support? Or, perhaps you want to build a professional online portfolio without seeing ads.

A plugin-enabled plan is an affordable option, and enables you to customize a domain name (“” versus “”). Like the free option, you can perform some basic customizations and use one of the free themes to personalize the look of your website. Unlike a free website, however, you’ll get access to email and live chat support to help with any questions. Check our plans page for the price in your local currency.

Professional bloggers

You’re receiving a steady stream of site traffic and want to monetize your blog or website through WordAds or affiliate marketing. Perhaps companies are reaching out to create sponsored content. Maybe you want to dip your toes into freelancing as a Pinterest consultant, but aren’t ready to start a full-blown business.

The plugin-enabled plan is a great option for those who want to take their websites to the next level. In addition to the features included in the plugin-enabled plan, you get additional storage and advanced customization options. This gives you more control over the design and visual aspects of your website.

Small business owners

Finally, the most robust and versatile option is the plugin-enabled plan. It’s ideal for small business owners who want customized themes and full control over the design of their websites. At this level, you have the option to install plugins and implement Google Analytics so that you can track website statistics to glean insights about your customers.

A plugin-enabled plan includes access to everything found at the other plan levels, in addition to search engine optimization tools to help your business climb up in search results. You’ll also have the ability to remove any branding.

Regardless of what plan you use, WordPress cost includes hosting and a theme. Once you figure out what you want from your website, you’ll have a better sense of which plan is right for you. Remember, you can always upgrade your plan later!


Bev Feldman

Bev Feldman is a Boston-based jewelry designer, blogger, and freelance writer specializing in eCommerce, blogging, small business, and parenting. She's passionate about eco-friendly living, which you can read about in her personal blog,

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