Enhance Your Personal Brand with a One-Page Website

In the age of information, everyone is their own brand. Therefore, having a personal website can be used as a tool to build your image. Individuals who carefully curate their online presences have an advantage when it’s time to apply for jobs or appeal to new clients.

Regardless of what you do for a living, a one-page website and customized domain name can position you to truly own your online presence. It’s important to understand why you might want a one-page website, and how to design one to best serve your needs.

Your personal website and domain name

It’s important to secure your ideal domain name before somebody else does. Once your domain is in place, use it to build a site that features your resume, business card, and social media accounts.

Some site owners overestimate the investment required to create a personal website, and allow their social media accounts to control their online presences. Facebook and other social platforms can serve your brand well, but a personal website allows your unique skill set and creativity to shine through in ways that social media profiles do not. This is because you can customize every aspect of your site, from its layout and featured content, right down to its font colors.

Adding a custom domain name to your site

Using a custom domain name for your website looks more professional than the free one provided by a content management system. Begin with WordPress.com’s domain tool to search for available domain names, and then register yours.

If you registered your domain name elsewhere, but want to add it to your existing WordPress.com website, follow this guide to map your domain name to your WordPress site.

Ideal one-page website themes

WordPress.com provides themes for portfolios, blogs, and endless other purposes. If you’re looking for a one-page website theme, consider the following options that come equipped with streamlined, but elegant features for single-page excellence:

Shoreditch theme

Affinity Theme

Twenty Seventeen theme

One-page website must-haves

Establish your credibility with site visitors and potential employers by including the following elements within your website.

  1. A short biography: In his book, To Sell is Human, Daniel Pink states that your elevator pitch should pinpoint what you want people to know, feel, and do.
  2. Contact information: If you’re worried about receiving spam messages, create a contact form so that visitors can get in touch without needing to publicly post your email address or phone number.
  3. Examples of your work: If you don’t have any work samples, consider writing case studies about the positive experiences had with past clients. Include the assignment, and details about the final project. Alternatively, write about your approach to accomplishing a given objective.
  4. Testimonials: Ask satisfied past clients to write detailed reviews including the project’s scope and the results achieved.
  5. Social media links: Social media links are not relevant to every industry, but making your accounts accessible prevents people from confusing you with another person who shares a similar, or identical name.

A website is an investment in your personal brand

Even if you don’t have a one-page website and custom domain at the moment, consider it a future endeavor that will yield lasting, positive results. Building your online presence now can help you secure new clients, land a new job, and connect with others in the future.


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