Why Do I Need a Company Logo?

“Why do I need a company logo?” is something that a lot of small business owners ask when they’re first starting out. If you already have a memorable name, why can’t you just skip the logo?

The importance of branding

You need a logo because it’s part of your brand. According to Entrepreneur, “You’ve heard the saying about how we get only one chance to make a good first impression. For a small business, branding is that opportunity. And more often than not, it’s a missed opportunity.”

Building a strong brand — and representing it by making an attractive business logo — communicates to your consumers that you deliver an amazing product or service. Logos are important components of branding and, to put it simply, “If your branding does not make it look like you do great work, consumers may choose a competitor instead.”

Designing a logo that conveys your brand voice is an important first step in the process of getting potential customers to recognize and trust your services.

How to design a great logo

If you have some graphic design skills and available tools, you probably have a good idea of how to begin designing your logo.

Make sure that your logo is demonstrative of what your business is and the values it represents. You don’t necessarily need to have a picture within it, but make sure its graphics, colors, and typography connect with what you do. If you run a daycare center, plain black lettering doesn’t make as much sense as a fun font in bright, cheerful colors.

It’s also important to ensure that your logo avoids common logo design mistakes. You can find a list of such mistakes on design-related blogs, like this one from Inkbot Design.

If you don’t feel confident about designing a logo yourself, an online service like WordPress.com’s partnership with Looka could help you get a leg up on creating a professional business logo that stands out from the competition.

Hopefully, this article turned your question from “Why do I need a company logo?” into “How do I get the best logo for my business?” Representing your brand with a great logo is one of the keys to business success, after all.


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