Choosing the Best Web Design Software for Your Business

You’ve decided to build a business website. The good news is that it doesn’t really require coding experience! The trickier part is choosing which web design software is the best fit for your needs. With so many free and affordable options available, where do you start?

According to Entrepreneur, the first step is to determine your site’s purpose. You can also begin by checking out your competitors’ websites. Take note of what features you like and what you would change.

Do your competitors have blogs? What about photo galleries? Is there anything industry-specific (like an online store or restaurant reservation system) that they use? Something as simple as a color scheme can make a difference in how a website is perceived. These are all factors that can help when choosing which web design software to use when building your site.

No coding skill needed

If you’re looking for a website design software that doesn’t require coding experience to navigate, you have several options. Sites like all offer code-free designs.

Customizable templates

If you’re not a designer, it’s probably best to begin with a template or theme. is one web design software known for its user-friendly themes, both free and paid.

Use the filters at the top of the theme showcase to narrow your search and find features you’re looking for, like a post slider, a portfolio, or a full-width template.


If your business lives online, ecommerce functionality will be the highest priority for you. Software solutions like’s Business plan offers flexible ecommerce plugins which allows you to integrate a store into your larger site.

Hosting options

Another important consideration when choosing the best web design software for your business is whether you prefer a host that is independent from your web design software. This could be the case if you already have a web address or want the option of switching to an alternative web page design software down the line.

If this is the case, a web development software like what’s available on might be the best fit. In most cases, selecting a software option that will also take care of hosting requirements, such as, is best.

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