Use the Customizer to Personalize Your Website

The beauty of building a website with is the flexibility that it provides. Part of what makes such a flexible platform is the added potential to customize your website.

Most of your site customization will occur through the Customizer. Here are a few of the most common ways to use the Customizer when distinguishing your personal brand from those of competitors.

Your portal for website customization

The Customizer is used to preview and personalize your blog or website’s appearance. You can access the Customizer by going to your dashboard’s Design section.

Each theme offers its own set of customization options that serve as frameworks for your site, but you can decide how it ultimately looks. Spend some time getting to know your theme and the options at your disposal by perusing the Customizer.

Use the Customizer to personalize your site

The Customizer lets you control elements of your website such as header images, widgets, and menus. It’s a great way to inject your personality into your brand’s style.


A widget is a tool or feature that is added to your theme’s footer, sidebar, or other widgetized area. To review available widgets, select Widgets from your Customizer. By default, you’ll be given access to social media buttons, a calendar, galleries, and custom HTML code.


From here, you can select a widget and choose where to place it on your site. When you select widgets, you can preview how they will look on your site. Once you’re pleased with your selections, press the Publish button.


Menus do more than list the pages of your website. You can create custom site navigation and drop-down menus to direct site visitors to the most important parts of your site.


More ways to customize

In addition to creating menus and adding widgets, the Customizer lets you adjust a theme’s colors, font, header images, and other elements that transform your site’s appearance.


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