Use Lead-Nurturing Strategies to Grow Your Fan Base

Now that your website is built and your fans are trickling in thanks to online lead generation, it’s time to execute lead-nurturing strategies to transform new leads into loyal shoppers. Lead-nurturing strategies are actions that bolster your brand online to attract new visitors, and help them get to know and love your business. These strategies ensure that your leads (the individuals who follow you online and might purchase your products or services) keep your business top-of-mind, and ultimately become loyal to it.

Maintaining a consistent online presence is at the heart of many lead-nurturing strategies. Doing so reminds shoppers about what your business does and the value that it brings to their lives. Oftentimes, new leads need to familiarize themselves with your business and services prior to making purchases. Honing in on your business value and communicating consistently will help you accomplish these goals.

Get social

It’s important to continuously connect with your community online. Write relevant content that provides valuable information and inspires those who read it. Posting every day will ensure that you become a regular presence in the lives of your leads. The next time they need to purchase a product, your business will come to mind.

Being active online shows your community that you care, and providing useful information on your website builds the “know-like-trust” factor. For example, a registered dietician who shares daily recipes or health tips can establish a reputation as someone who genuinely cares about the health of others. An art gallery owner who writes about current trends in the art world may go from being just another business, to a go-to industry resource.

Posting daily social media content establishes a publishing cadence that transforms leads into loyal followers. Depending on your preferences, you can post in real time or schedule your posts to go live in advance using software like Hootsuite (which enables you to queue up social media posts and track their success). There are also a number of features that integrate with social media platforms — including Advanced Social Media, which allows site owners on the Premium and Pro plans to schedule social messages across their various accounts.

Carve out time to comment

As you increase your social media presence, your lead base will blossom. Turning existing leads into devoted fans by interacting with your community in real time will transform your website into what Forbes calls a “relationship-based business.” This process helps you learn about your leads and build a steadfast community of shoppers who want to know what you’re up to.

As every business’s fan base is different, it may take some time to discover when your audience is the most active online. Once you uncover the sweet spot for timing live interactions with fans, you can help them get to know you and your business on a personal level by responding to user comments and questions and striking up conversations. Increased communication often transforms leads into loyal shoppers. Be authentic in your interactions, offer expertise where you can, and show your audience that you truly want to get to know them.

Post frequently

Don’t be afraid to post multiple times throughout the day. Newsfeeds on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter move at the speed of light. It’s important to post often so that your content is actually seen. You’ll gain more traction by frequently posting meaningful content on a variety of platforms. The best cadence for posting depends on what platforms you’re using, but here’s a plan to get you thinking — and one you can definitely tweak depending on your needs and your level of comfort with social media:

Ensure that your newsletter is sent out on a regular basis, as these tend to garner high lead returns. If a new lead is on your mailing list, they’re probably interested in what you offer. Include upcoming community events, sales, and valuable information within each newsletter. Add value to the lives of your readers — they’ll appreciate it, and your “know-like-trust” factor will continue to grow.

Share your newsletter on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. You want to send it out regularly, but not often enough to flood your leads’ inboxes. Emails receive the highest open rates on Tuesdays, so plan to send your newsletters then. Keep your leads informed about big updates or sales. One or two emails per week is okay in these particular cases.

Choose a plan that works for you, then turn it into a habit. Your business — and your leads-turned-loyal-shoppers — will thank you!


Jenny McKaig Speed

Jenny McKaig Speed, CEO, Writer & Coach at, #1 international bestselling author and senior editor, Empowering Women to Succeed, Volumes I & II, and 365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul, BAH Professional Writing, accredited mind-body specialist and certified Awakening Coach, is an award-winning writer and visionary entrepreneur who empowers with transformational stories to raise global consciousness and elevate success. Jenny has helped numerous authors craft international bestselling books and visionary entrepreneurs pen purposeful content that positively impacts communities worldwide. Jenny's proficient, inspiring methods are matched only by her love of surfing, yoga, her husband, Shawn, and their two young daughters.

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