Tour 5 Real Estate Websites Created by Industry Pros

In every city and town, you can find local real estate websites serving as the online face of the industry professionals and companies behind them. But what exactly makes a real estate website effective at driving business goals?

There’s no single formula for success, but the most effective websites for real estate have five elements in common:

  • Attractive design
  • Easy navigation
  • Helpful/valuable information
  • Effective copywriting
  • Clear calls to action and/or easy-to-find contact information

Five real estate websites to inspire you

If you’re looking to create an effective real estate website, start by evaluating what other industry professionals have done.

Ranked in no particular order, let’s explore five real estate websites created by top real estate pros around the country.

1. Keith Goad, Real Estate Broker — Chicago, Illinois


  • Design and clarity — Keith’s site offers an elegant, user-friendly design. You also don’t have to wonder what Keith’s specialty is; he puts it front and center above the main menu navigation in both his logo and tagline.
  • Value — Keith’s site does a great job of providing valuable educational content. For instance, his blog is chock-full of helpful tips and educational videos. You can easily find listings of historic or vintage homes for sale in Chicago. He even provides a resources page with his recommendations for “vintage contractors, designers, architects, and landscapers to provide specialized skill sets.”

2. Lindsay Rubens, J.D., Realtor Associate — Miami, Florida


  • Style and branding — Lindsay’s real estate blog not only looks great, but also quickly informs visitors that she speaks both English and Spanish. Plus, she has a J.D. degree from University of Miami School of Law. Who better to represent you and cover the details when you’re buying or selling a luxury home in a heavily bilingual community?
  • Social media — Lindsay does an exemplary job in using her blog’s sidebar widgets. For instance, she encourages you to join her more than 2,000 blog subscribers and follow her Instagram and Facebook accounts.

3. The Restivo Group Realtors — Memphis, Tennessee


  • Great navigation — The navigation on The Restivo Group’s website makes it easy for both home buyers and sellers to find what they’re looking for: property listings, property-management services, information about Memphis and surrounding areas, and more.
  • Pre-screening — Scroll down their For Buyers page and check out the helpful contact form tools they’ve included. As a real estate agent, wouldn’t you love to have this information in hand as soon as a prospective client reached out to you?

4. Modern Asheville — Asheville, North Carolina


  • Visual engagement — Modern Asheville’s website offers a ton of helpful information for buyers, sellers, and investors living in this artsy mountain city. One thing that really stands out is all that you can do with images to make your content stand out on a website. Instead of simply using text and links in their sidebar sections, they use images and other visuals to engage visitors.

5. Chris Lenquist, Broker, Ad Astra Realty — Kansas City, Kansas


  • Salesmanship and expertise — Looking for a real estate broker in Kansas City to help you get into real estate investing? Check out Chris’s website. First, he instantly personalizes his website with a friendly, professional picture of himself designed right into the header area of his website. Second, he uses his blog and other site pages to provide useful data about local market conditions, market cycles, and various real estate investment tips. He also highlights his expertise in the sidebar of his site via industry magazine interviews and articles.

Hopefully these real estate websites give you a clearer sense of what you need to do on your own website to turn it into an effective sales tool. Get to it and build yours today with!


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