Is a Single-Scrolling Website Right for You?

Web design is a very broad topic. Even though themes can cover many design aspects themselves, you still need to determine whether a standard multi-page website or a single-page scrolling website is the best fit for your brand.

The answer will depend on two factors: the nature of your business or idea, and what’s best for your user experience.

Comparing single-page scrolling and multi-page websites

A single-page scrolling website is a website that is designed to fit on a single page. All of this site’s content lives on one page, and visitors need to continuously scroll down to navigate it. There are no top tabs, or other pages to explore. The website of writer Jia Tolentino is one example.

In contrast, a multi-page website, like that of bestselling author Dani Shapiro, has more than one page of content. Typically, multi-page sites have a top navigation menu that visitors can use to navigate to other pages that provide contact information, products, services, or a blog.

Which format should you choose?

There are pros and cons to each website format. In the broadest terms, a single-page website will be clutter-free and focused on a specific outcome. Search Engine Journal suggests that single-page scrolling sites may convert to mobile site versions more smoothly.

A multi-page website will have significantly more depth, content, and various calls-to-action.

A single-page scrolling website is best, if:

  • You want to add a “Coming Soon” landing page while you’re in the process of building a more robust website.
  • You’re selling a single product or service.
  • You’re telling a story that you want to flow seamlessly, from beginning to end.
  • You have a single call-to-action like “RSVP to an event.”

Opt for a multi-page website, if:

  • You want a website that also features a blog.
  • You’re selling multiple products or services.
  • You have various calls-to-action.

Start building simplifies the website building process, whether you choose to create a single-page website or a more complex, multi-page site. With, you can:

  • Launch your website in less than 24 hours.
  • Choose from hundreds of unique, professionally designed themes (including single-page themes like Affinity).
  • Get started for free and upgrade if you need to expand your website later.

If your brand changes, so should your website

If you begin with a single-page scrolling website or a multi-page site, you aren’t stuck with one format indefinitely. If you build a site using, you can change its format, theme, or pages at any time.


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