How Social Media Commerce Can Complement Your Online Sales

Have you ever seen a sponsored post on Facebook inviting you to “Learn More” or “Get Offer”? How about “Shop the Look” pins on Pinterest? These are examples of social commerce, a rapidly growing trend in online shopping.

Unlike social media marketing, where shoppers are invited to click and connect to your online store, social media commerce gives shoppers the ability to make a purchase directly within the social network they’re using.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how you can use social media commerce as part of your larger online marketing and sales strategy.

Using social media to drive eCommerce traffic

While social media commerce involves shopping within a network, there are tactics you can employ on your eCommerce website to help support your social efforts. If you’re a Business plan user with a Store, one way to get started is to create promotions (i.e., coupons) to share on social media and enable customer ratings and reviews — an excellent form of social proof! Here are two other strategies you can use to drive online sales through your social channels.

1. Encourage customers to use share buttons

Giving your site visitors the opportunity to share your offers with their audiences is as simple as using social sharing buttons on your posts. gives you the option to customize which social buttons to display as well as some styling options.

To decide which social buttons to use, consider the social channels your target audience uses most. For instance, if you use your website to sell fashion, you’ll definitely want to add a Pinterest share button, but you probably don’t need a LinkedIn button.

Customizing social sharing buttons

2. Schedule your social media posts

Part of a good social media strategy means posting key content across your social channels during specific hours. You can save time by planning your social media posts in bulk and use’s advanced Publicize feature to schedule posts at desired intervals (available to Premium and Business users).

Make sure that each post includes a strong call to action inviting readers to click through to a specific product or offer.

Kicking off your social media commerce efforts

You know your business needs to be on social media — but can you actually use your social platforms to drive online sales?

The answer is a simple yes.

More than that, you can use them to facilitate sales as well. Online retailers think of social networks as a place to runs ads or post pictures of products, and, while these are useful platforms for marketing, they’re capable of much more.

1. Enable customers to click and buy in-app

Shopping has always been a social experience, and today’s customers are showing an increasing desire to shop socially online. While Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest have the most mature platforms in the US, they’re not the only social commerce apps available to retailers.

A great place to start is by adding a Facebook shop as an extension of your Facebook business page. If you’re on Business plan, there are some helpful integrations between your e-commerce store and your Facebook shop, including Facebook Business Extension.

Facebook Business Extension

2. Experiment with social ads

In addition to tactics you can use to draw visitors to your site via social posts and to encourage them to share your content socially, you can also leverage social ads to drive traffic to your store and encourage sales. Consider your conversion objectives (i.e., small purchases with a focus on retention or perhaps getting foot traffic to a brick and mortar store), and explore the ad options that best suit your marketing budget.

Boosting your overall sales

All you really need to be a retailer in today’s world is a product to sell and an e-commerce site. As a complement, social media makes for a great marketing tool and an effective way to move customers through the sales funnel. Social media commerce can be a great option as you consider how your sales channels work together and how you can increase your sales.

For more ideas on how to monetize your site, here are some options to make money with your site.

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