Eight Types of Photography Commonly Used on Websites

Photography has power to make websites more appealing, professional, and interactive. According to CrowdRiff, the average site visitor only reads 20 percent of a website’s text, so images are key to keeping your fans engaged.

If you’re starting a new website, you might want some guidance on selecting and incorporating images. Here’s a closer look at eight common types of photography and how they can enhance your new website.

1. Product

Product photography can be broken down into a variety of subcategories, but in general, this type of image is used to display items you’re selling or promoting. For example, restaurant owners and retailers use product imagery to feature their menu items and merchandise.

If you run an e-commerce site, product photography is especially important. Your customers may not be able to see your items in person, so featuring sharp, compelling product images will help them appreciate your wares and convince them to make purchases.

As you browse WordPress.com themes, apply the “store” filter to find themes that would work well with product photography. For instance, the Elegant Business or Luxury themes are already optimized for e-commerce.

2. Fashion

Fashion photography is a curated, artistic style of imagery aimed at showcasing clothing and accessories. You typically see this type of photography in magazines, but it’s also used by fashion bloggers and retail clothing websites. Apply the “fashion” filter as you search for a theme to see popular options like Veni.

3. Photojournalism

The images that accompany news stories are often referred to as photojournalism. This genre of photography conveys information and is often described as “visual storytelling.”

Certain publications, businesses, and independent journalists employ photojournalism within their blogs or articles. Images that help to tell a story can captivate viewers, engaging them for longer periods of time. If you’re running this style of website, a theme like Clear News may be a good fit for your content.

4. Portraits

Posed images of people, families, or even animals are referred to as portrait photography. The Portrait theme is specifically designed for this style of imagery if you’re a portrait photographer.

However, small businesses and creators may also want to include portraits on About Me or Meet the Team pages. After all, a high-quality photo of yourself or teammates can humanize your brand, making it more appealing to potential clients or customers.

5. Street

Frequently called “candid photography,” this style of image is meant to capture the world as it is. In contrast to portrait photography, it involves no planned poses — just real people and places captured spontaneously. A modern, clean theme like Sonsa will allow this style of imagery to shine.

6. Landscape

Landscape photography is another genre that can be broken down into subcategories. At its core, it captures nature or outdoor scenes. Apply the “photoblogging” filter when you’re searching for themes — you’ll get options like the Photos theme, which is ideal for nature-focused types of photography.

7. Travel

Landscape and travel photography often overlap, but the popularity of travel blogging makes it worth mentioning. While landscape photography aims to capture nature, travel photography is focused on the people and culture of a specific region as well as any unique sights. One cool travel journal theme on WordPress.com is Passenger.

8. Stock

Stock photography refers to generic images taken for commercial purposes. Generally speaking, users typically need to pay for the rights to use a stock image, but there are also websites that specialize in free images, while WordPress.com users also have access to a free photo library. However, it’s better to use original images than stock photography.

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