Color Picker Tool Options for Beautiful Site Designs

Many people decide whether they like a color pattern as soon as they see it.

A color picker tool (also sometimes called a color sample tool) is a resource you can use to sample, organize, and collect colors from websites and other sources to create a color palette. This allows you to curate inspiration into a catalog of color palettes to choose from when it’s time to update your site design with some custom CSS (which is available to any Premium or Business site owner). Here are three tools that you can use to collect the right colors and patterns for your brand.

1. Palette Creator

A Google Chrome browser extension, Palette Creator is one of the most user-friendly color sample tools. It can be used anywhere on the web, from Google image search to Pinterest.

Once Palette Creator is added to Chrome, right-click on any appealing image and customize how many colors you would like added to your color sample.

Color Palette Creator

From the selected image, Palette Creator will generate a custom palette with design-ready color codes that can be saved for future web-design inspiration.

2. Color Code Picker

Color Code Picker can also help you generate customized palettes from an image. Upload any image file and generate a custom palette with a dominant color and complementary color codes. Color Code Picker is a popular option because it offers palette shades in several types of color codes: RGB, HEX, and HSL.

3. Color Picker From Image

When you only need the code for a single shade of color (not the entire color palette), Color Picker From Image is the tool to go with. Once you upload an image file, you can scroll over the image to view shades one-by-one, and write down the color codes for your favorite hues.

Inspiration is everywhere

The savviest creators are always looking for inspiration. With some of the top color picker tool options on hand, you can curate inspiring palettes when you see things that you like and incorporate them into your brand design once you’re ready.


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