A Website Is Critical When Marketing a Venue

Running and managing a venue is hard work. After all, no two events are the same. You’ll likely field multiple questions to prospective clients that don’t necessarily lead to secured bookings. However, marketing a venue through a website can place your business right in front of a targeted audience segment, while providing the pertinent information they’re in search of.

There are endless ways that a website can be used to promote a venue and encourage potential clients to come in for in-person visits.

Design a site that reflects a venue’s aesthetic

When you’re marketing a venue, an informative and well-designed website will save you time and can result in more bookings. Consider adding the following features to your site so that your business really makes an impression.

Show off your venue

Prominently displaying tasteful pictures of your venue within an image gallery gives visitors an idea of what their own events might look like if held at your location. You can also customize your gallery’s layout to highlight picturesque spots, or randomize them so potential customers see something different every time they visit your site.

Tiled Galleries

Provide pertinent information

In addition to checking out your venue’s vibe, potential customers will visit your site in search of answers to their questions. You can provide necessary details with additions like a “Contact Info” page. Along with this page, embed a Contact form into your sidebar or footer to encourage interested parties to get in touch with you from any page of your site.

Contact Info Widget

In addition to making your contact info readily available, the Upcoming Events widget can be used to notify visitors when your venue is booked, saving everyone time.

Contact Form

Increase your reach

One of the primary advantages of creating a website is the ability to brand your business with a custom domain name. By creating a memorable name for your website, visitors will remember your venue amid other candidates. In addition to remaining top-of-mind, site visitors might refer you to friends and family members in search of a great venue to host their next event.

Marketing a venue with a website also provides another unique advantage over promoting via social media or paid advertisements: search engine optimization (SEO). With SEO knowledge, you can create useful content that resonates with your audience members and improves your search engine rankings, ultimately attracting more visitors and securing additional bookings.

Get social

Events are, by their very nature, social. You can facilitate this by adding social media buttons to your posts and pages, encouraging site visitors to follow your venue across different mediums.

Social Media Icons

You can also configure sharing buttons that let your prospective guests announce that they’re staging an event at your venue through their preferred social media platforms. They can also share your listing with their own social networks.

Draw inspiration and get started

The following venues are using WordPress websites to promote their businesses:

  • SOMArts.org: The SOMArts Cultural Center integrates social media buttons and important contact information into its footer. There is also a section where site visitors can sign up for a newsletter, which keeps this venue relevant long after prospective customers leave its website.

SOMArts footer

  • The University of Washington: The university caters to many events on campus. Therefore, it’s even more crucial to provide necessary information that guests need upfront. This is done with an extensive list of available venues, requirements to reserve each one, and layout information.

University of Washington website

These are just two examples of effective venue websites. For additional ideas, browse other venue websites and take note of your favorite elements. When you’re building a venue website, be sure to include these features in addition to the ones mentioned above.

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