5 Tools to Help You Find Free Icons for Your Website

Visual elements are crucial when you’re creating a professional, eye-catching website. Icons may be a small part of your overall user experience, but they can go a long way in conveying professionalism while improving navigation and aesthetic appeal for your visitors. You can use icons as site logos, custom social icons, badges, and other visual touches that can help brand your website.

If you’re a website owner trying to find free icons (or icons that don’t require any attribution), look for images that can be saved in SVG or PNG formats. PNGs are popular for website content because they offer lossless compression and can render complex graphics and visual information with ease, while SVG images are the best option for supporting fast page load and image rendering times.

A number of online catalogs offer high-quality free icons that don’t require explicit attribution to the image owner. Here are five resources to help you customize your website with icons.

1. Font Awesome

If you’re looking for icons that work well for logos and business branding, Font Awesome is a great place to start. Its database offers more than 1,200 icons, giving website owners plenty of opportunities to find the right fit.

Font Awesome’s terms of agreement specify that while attribution is appreciated, it isn’t required for any of its free fonts. Meanwhile, the icons available from Font Awesome can be modified through CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), to match your website’s color schemes and style.

2. Iconmonstr

With more than 4,200 icons in its library, Iconmonstr is a resource that every website owner should check out. The designs of these icons may be simpler than those of other outlets, but the entire library is available for free and requires no attribution or permissions. All you need to do is type relevant keywords into the main search box and then you can start exploring possible icons for your website.

If you don’t find an icon you like, Iconmonstr has you covered: the homepage has an option to submit a new icon request.

3. IcoMoon

With a growing library of more than 5,500 icons, IcoMoon offers clean, sharp images that are worth perusing before you opt for paid alternatives. The website and mobile app also offer tools to edit the icon before downloading it as an SVG file. If you’re not satisfied with the options in the database, the platform also offers a font generator tool, as well as the ability to import your own SVG files to make custom icons for your site. To access the library of files, you’ll need to download the IcoMoon app to your device.

4. Iconfinder

Iconfinder boasts more than 100,000 free icons available for commercial use, but there’s a catch: not all of those icons can be used freely, so finding the ones that don’t require attribution can entail wading through its library. You can find the free icon library by visiting Iconfinder’s page of featured free icon sets.

5. Smashing Magazine

If you’re looking for new, high-quality SVG icons, Smashing Magazine is a good resource to find free icons. Visit the website’s Freebies page to discover recently published sets of icons that may be the perfect fit for your website. Keep in mind that since these icons come from different publishers, you’ll want to check each set’s license individually to make sure it doesn’t require attribution.

For website owners with limited budgets to create professional-looking websites, the best icon images are the ones available for free. Take advantage of these resources to find high-quality images that will make your website look great across any device.

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