5 Crafty WordPress Themes for Your Website

Since your website may be the first point of contact that your potential fans have with your brand, you’re right to prioritize its design.

Thankfully, WordPress.com offers hundreds of professionally designed themes that empower anyone to create a website — no experience required. Here are five crafty WordPress themes that you can apply to match your brand’s humble, rustic aesthetic.

1. Small Business

Small Business displays essential contact information at the top of your homepage. Visitors can easily access your phone number, email address, or store location without needing to click through various pages of your site. You can also highlight a new product, secret sale, or special event using the “Promo Area.”

Small Business comes with four style options to cover every business need, whether you’re selling software or promoting your martial arts studio.

  1. Small Business Perfect: solid and stately in beige and black with red trim.

  2. Modern Flair: pink and brown with clean lines and angles that are popular among tech startups.

  3. Country Charm: a vintage look in blue, gingham accents fall against beige for an organic, country style.

  4. Classic Elegance: the most minimalist of the four options, this style features black text against an all-white background and gold accents — a timeless look for any business.

Small Business WordPress.com Theme

2. Photo Blog

This theme lets you showcase up to 12 of your favorite photos in a grid pattern on a site’s homepage. It automatically adjusts to fit across tablets and phones.

If you prefer something other than grids, choose from four alternative Style Packs (Modern, Elegant, Retro Photo, and Vintage Paper) to create up to 15 different website configurations.

Instagram users may also enjoy Featured Image Filters — a new functionality only available with the Photo Blog theme — that change the color, brightness, contrast, and texture of your photos, enabling you to convey any mood.

Photo Blog WordPress.com theme

3. Scratchpad

This whimsical scrapbook-style theme features a blue-gray background with sticky note widgets, handwritten fonts, and other designs inspired by your local stationery store. Scratchpad offers five color palettes: burgundy, teal blue, gray, faded red, and blue-gray.

Scratchpad WordPress.com theme

4. Nurture

Visitors can’t help but feel warm and invited in with Nurture‘s rainbow of colors and intuitive, single-column layout. Each post format comes with a different colored background and icons to distinguish it from the others, making for a crafty, handmade aesthetic. You can also take Nurture‘s customization options even further with Custom Colors and the Custom Design upgrade.

Nurture WordPress.com theme

5. Circa

Circa looks very similar to Hexa and Quadra. They’re minimalist, single-column themes with responsive layouts that translate well across all devices. The main differences between them are their color schemes and icon shapes. All three of these minimalist themes feature four icons on the top right of the homepage:

  • A customizable menu.

  • A heart that directs to social media links.

  • A magnifying glass for search.

  • A gear that leads to a drop-down widget area.

Circa WordPress.com theme

Your theme helps to convey your brand

<p dir=”Ultimately, your website’s design helps to convey your brand voice. By selecting one of these five crafty WordPress themes, your site will be positioned to deliver a warm first impression while preparing your visitors for a cozy, welcoming experience.

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