4 Modern WordPress Themes for a Clean Aesthetic

Your website’s design and appearance give visitors a sense of your company’s character. This is what establishes familiarity and brand awareness. Great web designs streamline user experiences, welcoming readers to stick around and browse through your content.

Modern WordPress themes aren’t just designed to be beginner-friendly, they also prioritize clean aesthetics and pack in enough features to align with any brand’s needs.

1. Twenty Seventeen

Your header is generally the first thing that site visitors see, and with Twenty Seventeen, it doesn’t have to be static. This theme allows you to automatically play a silent video clip at the top of your website.

Whether your site is for a nonprofit organization trying to spread a compelling message to potential supporters, or a startup demonstrating a new technology, a video header can convey your mission without asking visitors to click on a link.

If you’re concerned about longer loading times, don’t worry; Twenty Seventeen lets you upload an image in place of a video to make your site mobile-friendly.

2. Photo Blog

Sharing interesting photos is an effective way to capture attention.

Artists, photographers, and influencers aren’t the only professionals who might want to use an image-centric theme. Any blogger or business owner should consider Photo Blog‘s built-in features and filters to adjust color, contrast, brightness, and more.

Snap a few unique shots and upload or tweak them if needed. Then, watch as your website transforms into a clean, professional-looking storybook that captures your audience’s attention.

3. Natural

Considering the demanding pace of daily life, a breezy, earthy web design with just the right amount of white space might be appreciated by site visitors. Take a look at the Natural theme to determine if this option suits your brand needs.

Natural was developed with outdoor enthusiasts in mind; however, it’s suitable for anyone with a brand that could benefit from a refreshingly organic aesthetic.

4. Independent Publisher 2

As Bluleadz suggests, “Purposely designing your website with white space makes for a clean design that is easily digestible and organized.” With Independent Publisher 2, you can provide visitors with exactly what they’re after: reader-friendly typography and a clean, no-nonsense layout.

This theme also lets you display posts in magazine-style columns, adjust background colors to align with your branding, and insert an image or logo into the header area.

The possibilities are endless

Want more professionally designed theme selections? Explore the WordPress theme library to find one that represents your brand and aligns with your idea of what a great website should look like.

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