4 About Me Page Examples to Inspire You

If you have a personal blog or business website, one of the most important things that you can do is to build a sense of trust with your audience.

No one wants to feel like they’re coming to a cold, faceless website. They want to trust the information, products, or services that you provide. So, how do you build this relationship? An “About Me” page is a great place to start.

Your “About Me” page is where you share your story, but it’s more than just a rundown of your resume. Not sure how to create a compelling one? Here are some “About Me” page examples that you can look to for guidance.

Use simple, clean text and design

The Bright-Eyed Baker’s “About Me” page keeps things straightforward and simple. In four short paragraphs, she tells you about herself, what incited her passion for baking, and her philosophy about food. The content within is approachable and written as if it’s a conversation being had between two friends. Plus, it includes a logo, which balances out her personal tone with a touch of professionalism.

Feature images to convey your story

Matt Gardner is a performance nutritionist, which is made clear by the images featured on his “About Me” page. There are only four images, but they each showcase Matt in his element. The header image depicts Matt running in a “Mile 27” shirt, and immediately lets you know that Matt and his site are dedicated to health and fitness. But visuals alone can’t convince people that you’re an expert, so Matt uses his page to share credentials (undergraduate degree in sports and exercise science). This is a perfect example of the importance of getting straight to the point to demonstrate your authority, and gain trust with your readers.

Get personal

This is exactly what Hannah did on the “About Me” page for her site, The Mum and the Mom. Hannah’s site focuses on parenting, family, and lifestyle topics (subjects that can get intensely personal), and she doesn’t shy away from them. She shares pictures of her husband and four children, and keeps her text short and easy to understand. We quickly learn that she eloped, had four kids in six years, and that she recently moved to Canada. Hannah also links to previous blog posts that detail more about her life. This is a great way to share more with readers without being too text-heavy, and to drive additional traffic to older posts.

Be dynamic

Amy Portfield’s “About” page is dynamic in both its content and design. Amy is candid about her journey from “corporate ‘yes’ girl” to an entrepreneur and online marketing expert with a successful business podcast. There’s bold typography, lots of images, clear calls-to-action for anyone who wants to enlist Amy’s services, and — most importantly — a compelling story. Amy shares the mistakes that she’s made on her road to success, but it never feels self-deprecating or like a sales pitch. It’s real and sends a message saying, “if I can do it, you can do it, and here’s how I can help you.”

Crafting your “About Me” page

Every part of your site is valuable real estate. Use these “About Me” page examples for inspiration and share your story. Whether you choose to share personal details, feature a video, or keep everything concise with a few paragraphs of text, make sure you use your “About Me” page to establish trust and build connections with your audience. Once you do, it’s more than likely they’ll go from one-time visitors to loyal supporters.

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Satta Sarmah Hightower

Satta Sarmah is a writer, editor and content marketing manager who launched her first personal website a decade ago — on WordPress, of course.

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