10 Professional Website Tips for WordPress Site Owners

It’s not easy to launch a website — especially a site that accurately reflects your business. That said, you don’t need to be a web designer with a huge budget to build a website.

The initial steps are simple. First, pick a great WordPress theme. Next, make your personal changes to improve your customer’s perception. Read on for 10  best practices for your professional websites that will elevate both your site and your brand.

1. Change the site tagline

WordPress.com themes often have a default tagline, such as “Premium Theme” or “Just another WordPress.com site” which shows up in the header and sidebar. You’ll want to make that your own!

WordPress.com Site Title and Site Tagline

Customizing your site title and tagline improves professional branding. Watch this video tutorial for an overview.

2. Customize the menu

Thirty-seven percent of consumers report having left a website because of confusing navigation, per Ko. So, it’s important to create an intuitive, user-friendly navigation menu. Here’s how to create your own custom menus.

3. Add a mega menu

Do you have a lot of website content?

Adding a mega menu via a WordPress plugin can organize and simplify site navigation. Mega menus like this are particularly useful for eCommerce websites that offer lots of products in various categories. (Note: to add third-party plugins to your site, you’ll need a WordPress.com Business or eCommerce plan.)

Sears Mega Menu Example

4. Customize the footer

Your site footer defaults to text like “A WordPress.com website.” Use the appearance editor to modify your footer to something different or unique. Here’s how.

Salty Gals Custom Footer

5. Add a favicon

A site icon, or favicon, is displayed in visitors’ browser tabs and as a bookmark icon.

WordPress.com Favicon Example

Upload your own image to replace the default WordPress.com logo. Take a few minutes to learn more about custom site icons.

6. Use higher-quality images

Up to 80 percent of the sensory data picked up from our environment is visual, per Neuroscience News. Simply put, the human brain gravitates toward images and processes pictures faster than text. With that in mind, replace low-quality stock photos with high-quality photos of your own — perhaps featuring your staff and customers.

7. Create blog categories

Categories group similar blog posts by topic to keep content organized. Themes often display the categories list in the sidebar.

Rackspace Technical Blog Categories

Get started with categories now for better organization.

8. Test your mobile site

Most WordPress.com business themes are responsive to display across all screen sizes. Preview your mobile site via the Customizer to ensure everything looks as it should.

9. Add a contact form

Adding a simple customizable contact form with the block editor makes it easy for customers to get in touch. Include the information you need in order to respond, but avoid using too many fields to keep the process simple.

10. Upload your logo

To display your brand logo across your site, use the WordPress.com customizer to upload a logo file separately from the favicon.

Unlock a professional website

You can customize your professional website using WordPress.com features, even if you don’t know code. You may be surprised at how small site tweaks, like those above, can have such a huge impact.

Create your website with WordPress.com and find all the tools. you need to make something professional and effective.


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