“Discover” WordPress Blogs Can Inspire Your Next Post

If you’ve been creating content for a while, you’ve probably experienced some form of writer’s block. Whether you feel like you’ve said everything you could possibly say or are struggling to come up with an interesting angle, there are resources you can use to beat writer’s block and find fresh inspiration. A good place to look is WordPress Discover.

What is WordPress Discover, and how can you draw ideas from it to create unique content of your own?

WordPress Discover: A curated collection of great content

Discover is a showcase of the best WordPress content from around the world, hand picked by a small team of editors. It features content by other WordPress users writing for any imaginable niche. You’ll find posts and stories that made it to the editors’ picks section, features that showcase interesting content, and archives on a variety of topics such as parenting, travel, architecture, photography, and more.

The WordPress Discover homepage

How to use Discover to inspire content ideas

A quick browse through Discover can help you come up with interesting ideas for your website, blog, email newsletters, and any other type of content you create. Here’s how.

1. Find inspiration in features

Start at the Features section of Discover to see the best content on WordPress, written by interesting people from throughout the community. You’ll find showcases, resources, interviews, and more.

Not only can you see what others in your niche are writing about, but you can also read interviews with other bloggers who often share their behind-the-scenes processes. Learn from these posts to find new strategies for content creation, to see how you can pair two different concepts together, or just to get some good old-fashioned inspiration.

2. See what others are writing about

If the Features section isn’t enough to get your creative juices going, explore the Topics section. Here, you’ll find archives of posts in a variety of categories. You can easily select your topic and see what other bloggers in your space are creating.

By doing so, you’ll be able to see what the hot topics in your space are and identify what’s missing from your current blog posts. Another benefit of using the Topics section is that it can help you find new bloggers in the same niche so you can extend your network.

3. Analyze popular content

Lastly, use the Editors’ Picks section to enjoy some top-tier content. The articles and posts you’ll find here are the best of the best — they’re a good source of inspiration for potential topics as well as a great resource for analyzing strong pieces.

Aside from helping you come up with new ideas, these pieces can provide examples of strong article structure or headlines that grab attention. Analyzing successful content like this not only helps you generate ideas, but it also helps you improve existing and future content so you can start getting more visitors and readers.

Use WordPress Discover to inspire you

From editors’ picks to original features, Discover is a well-crafted repository of unique styles, topics, and formats followed by millions of bloggers and major publications. Use Discover as inspiration to create unique content of your own, and you’ll have the tools to beat writer’s block.


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