What Is Press This on WordPress?

Press This on WordPress is a bookmarklet (a browser bookmark that contains JavaScript commands to add a feature) that enables you to quickly grab content and share it right to your blog or site. How does it work, and how do you use it?

What is Press This on WordPress?

Press This is built into every WordPress.com site, and gives you an instantaneous way to share a link to a page or post without needing to visit WordPress.com itself.

A bookmarklet is similar to a regular browser bookmark, but instead of directing you to a URL, it performs a designated action. Press This is very similar to social media sharing buttons. The difference is that you share content straight to your WordPress.com blog or site instead.

How do I enable Press This?

To enable Press This, go to Settings in the WordPress.com My Site page, and select the Writing tab. Scroll to the Press This area. You can either drag-and-drop the Press This link into your bookmarks bar, or right-click and add it to your favorites.

How do I use Press This?

Once you set up your preferred Press This settings, you can select the Press This bookmarklet and it will open a new browser window. This popup automatically creates a new post with the URL of the page or post you were reading. It will be inserted directly into the content area.

Now your post needs a title, and any additional content that you may want to add. Once your post is ready, hit the Publish button and it will go live on your site or blog.

Pressing an article

It’s worth noting that you will need to log into your WordPress.com account to take advantage of Press This.

Begin “pressing” today

Press This is a great way to quickly share relevant content with your fans. This can help to increase your website traffic. It only takes a few minutes to set up, so what are you waiting for? Get out there and start “pressing!”


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