What Does the Jetpack WordPress Plugin Do? [Infographic]

If you’ve created a site using WordPress, you’ve likely heard about the Jetpack plugin. It enables functions normally only available to WordPress.com sites on self-hosted WordPress.org sites.

If you have a website created within WordPress.com, Jetpack’s essential or advanced features (depending on your plan) are already built-in. Free, Personal, and Premium plans come with Jetpack’s essential features, while Business and eCommerce plans provide the advanced feature set.

On self-hosted sites, the plugin costs nothing to install and provides an array of basic features free of charge. Enhanced abilities are available to those on paid plans. Check out our infographic on the Jetpack plugin’s essential and advanced tools to help you decide which features to start using.

jetpack wordpress plugin infographic

Whether you have a self-hosted site from WordPress.org or a site hosted through WordPress.com, Jetpack integrates seamlessly into your online presence. It’s made by WordPress, so you can forget about the headache of coding and technical conflicts stemming from sometimes unreliable third-party plugins.

Jetpack’s free, essential functions

If you opt for Jetpack’s free features, you’ll have a solid foundation of functionalities to ensure your website’s security while growing your readership.

These functions include:

  • Site statistics
    Know how many people come to your website and which pages they look at
  • Media hosting
    Also known as a CDN, or content delivery network, this lets you upload and display high-resolution images without slowing down your site’s loading time
  • Site monitoring and alerts
    Track site downtime and know the instant it happens
  • Login protection
    Keep hackers from logging into your website and messing things up
  • Social sharing
    Make it easy for your readers to share your content to social networks like Facebook and Twitter
  • Free themes
    Get access to over 100 free WordPress.com themes to make your web design easier
  • Design customization
    Customize page elements like your sidebar, widgets, and image galleries without knowing how to code
  • Email subscriptions
    Send readers an email every time you publish a new blog post

With all the different features available through Jetpack, some developers have concerns that it can cause bloat and slow down a website. However, Jetpack users have the ability to turn features on and off depending on what’s needed.

That means you’ll need fewer plugins, which helps reduce bloat. Plus, many Jetpack features, such as the content delivery network (CDN) are meant to speed up your website.

Need more proof? See the numbers for yourself in this article that debunks myth of Jetpack bloat with hard data.

Jetpack’s paid, advanced features

Jetpack’s free features are great, but you can always upgrade to get more advanced features like:

  • Automated backups
    Automatically back up the most recent version of your website so if something happens, you don’t lose all your hard work
  • Spam filtering
    Prevent spam comments from appearing on your website
  • SEO preview tools
    Help your website content perform better on search engines and social media
  • Google Analytics integration
    Set up and integrate Google Analytics with your website easily
  • PayPal payments
    Use Jetpack’s payment button to easily and securely collect payments from your site visitors
  • Ad network approval
    Get access to the official WordPress.com advertising program to make money from the content you create
  • 200+ premium WordPress themes
    Use beautiful themes with previews and support to make web design easier
  • Priority support
    Priority support gives you access to WordPress.com experts when you need them

If you’re using WordPress.com, upgrade to a Business or eCommerce plan to access these features. On a self-hosted WordPress.org site, you’ll need to activate Jetpack using a free WordPress.com account, which connects you to all the features. If you want more than the basics from Jetpack, update your subscription within the plugin on your website’s dashboard. You’ll be able to choose from plans ranging from $4 to $29 per month, depending on the features you want.

Get the Jetpack WordPress plugin working on your website

If your website is running on WordPress.com, you’re good to go! Jetpack features come standard with each plan — though it may be worth doing a comparison to make sure you’ve got the features you want.

If you have self-hosted WordPress website, install the Jetpack plugin today. Start using the free features, or upgrade to a paid plan to access more.

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