Ways to Gather Customer Feedback That’ll Improve Your Business

You’ve probably heard the expression: “The customer’s always right.” While it may not be that black and white, one thing’s for certain — the customer helps you get it right.

And thanks to technology, there are many ways to gather customer feedback. By understanding users’ wants and needs, you’ll be able to build an appealing, user-friendly website.

The value of customer feedback

Customer feedback survey with a pen nearby.

While giving someone the opportunity to tell you everything you’re doing wrong can seem a little daunting, don’t be afraid to ask for feedback.

Customer feedback can offer valuable insight into what people do — and do not — like about your website. This specific feedback can positively influence how you run your business online — from what you choose to sell on your website, to the way you market to customers, to the overall design of the website.

For instance, if people are constantly wondering why you stopped carrying a certain item, wouldn’t you want to know that? Adding that item back into the lineup is one way that customer feedback can directly help you grow your business. Customer feedback can also strengthen your reputation, provide more up-sell opportunities, and improve employee morale and skills, according to market research group Customer Sure.

Potential challenges

Did you know that the way you gather customer feedback can influence the kind information you get? While you can use email or social media to ask for feedback, these can become free-for-alls when it comes to comments and suggestions. The challenge with this strategy is you might get too much varying feedback, which isn’t useful.

Some other methods, such as focus groups or mail or phone questionnaires, can be pricey. This means they might not be an option that works for everyone.

The best ways to gather customer feedback — no matter which method you choose — are rooted in strategy. And it all starts with this question: What do you want to know from customers?

Survey says

Customer survey on a cell phone.

A simple online survey with a few questions can provide a great deal of insight into what customers want and what they’re thinking. Surveys can be integrated right into your WordPress website, making this an easy and low-cost option that can yield high results. For maximum impact, pick one thing you want to know from customers and build a survey around that.

And keep it short and sweet. According to research by Survey Monkey, customers are more likely to answer each question with thought and care if they are part of a shorter survey — which could mean better information to help improve your website.

Here are three survey tools that make it easy to gather feedback on your WordPress website:

  1. Polls: Using a quick poll is a fun way to ask one or two questions in an interactive manner, and a poll creation tool is built into every WordPress website. To create your own poll, just select the option from the menu to get started.
  2. JotForm: Third-party survey tools such as JotForm, which offers robust survey options, integrate seamlessly with WordPress. The benefit to using this type of survey tool is that it can live on your website as well as in a standalone location, making it easy to share on social media or via email. JotForm surveys can be created to match your website’s design, and premade templates can help you shape customer feedback questions.
  3. Wufoo: If you are looking for a form/survey tool with a strong database component, Wufoo automatically builds a database and scripts to make understanding customer feedback easy. Wufoo surveys integrate with WordPress using a shortcode that’s easy to paste into a webpage.

Help customers help you by giving them a voice to offer you feedback — they’ll feel valued, and your business will be stronger for it, too.

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